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Do We Need This?

Yes! 12 vote(s) 85.7%
No! Just Load Up The Browser! 2 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Im currently undergoing very hard work of making a EMC Apple (iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad Maybe) App! Once It Works Fine On My iPod Touch I Will Then Start Work For Google Play (Aka Android) And Then Windows! (The Phone) The App Will Be Free But I Dont Know All The Features I Can Do Such As Messages And Profiles! Please Be Patient And I Will Need Help With Finding This:

    If This Site (Empireminecraft.com) Has A RSS Feed This Is Really Need! Im Trying To Do As Much As I Can But 2,150 Users (Around About) Its Hard For Me To Find All The Needed Parts Of It!


    iPod Touch
    iPhone 3/3gs
    iPhone 4/4s
    iPad 2
    iPad 3
    Windows Phone
    Android/Google Play Phones

    There May Be A Delay In Download From Each Market Due To Rules And Posting TImes
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  2. Can't wait to see the final product. Great work.
  3. Nice, I hope it actually works out this time.
  4. i have been trying to contact justin about the RSS feed so then people get the latest updates im looking online for some help about how to get the site into the app just better :D
  5. I was actually just about to post a thread asking if someone planned on making one.. :)
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  6. Personally I don't mind using the regular site on my phone, but wouldn't a mobile version of the site be easier than a separate app?
  7. ---------------------------------------------Need a mob spawner? Come to res 16830 and see what's for sale!----------------------------------------------
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    interested in you signature might pop by one day :D
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  8. see the app will provide quick access to EMC but making the site mobile will require a converter and i tried this but the files were MASSIVE over 100 thousand files to download thats all the forum posts etc
  9. All that's required is a different mobile style like this: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/xfs-mobile-style.290/

    That's my understanding anyway.
  10. I just thought that to! Because I do most of the posting on the iPad
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  11. im trying my hardest just i really need a RSS feed for EMC
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  12. UPDATE: I have got the Twitter Working And A Chatroom Setup!
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  13. Is the app availeble for download?
  14. not yet im still going to be adding new features then testing it on my iPod before i release it if it doesn't get accepted i might give out the download files
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  15. If it doesn't get accepted by apple it's because it has a virus on it.
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  16. If it does get realesed, how long till you could do one for android? :) :) :) :)
  17. nah i have been doing research not because of a virus but because a certain link might not work
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  19. Sorry the site i was using to host the app crashed now its running a back up of the app new features are being restored! longer than expected!
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  20. Not good....