>> EMC App Ready For Download! Apple, Google Play/Android And Windows Phone! <<

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Please Select Witch You Have Downloaded (Multiple Choice):

I Downloaded For - Apple 18 vote(s) 69.2%
I Downloaded For - Android 10 vote(s) 38.5%
I Downloaded For - Windows Phone 1 vote(s) 3.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please Check My Minecraft Forum Thread For Updates!

    The App Is Now Ready!

    (Due To Costs, I Cannot Place It Onto Markets Buts Is Available To Download Through A Website That Im Running!)


    (Link For Apple Only, Not For Android And Windows Phone Read Below)

    Just Download The Correct Version!

    NOTE: Downloading the incorrect version wont do anything!



    Go To The Link On The Device In Safari, Then Click The send.png Icon then tap "Add to home screen" Then Click Call It What You Want Default Is "EMC" Then Click "Add" And Your Done Then Tap It To Launch It!

    Google Play/Android;

    We Have Got The App Onto Google Play! Link:

    Windows Phone;

    I Dont Know How Window Phones Download Apps Please Tell Me On Here! How And If I Can Do Anything To Help With It!

    Thanks For Reading! And Enjoy The App!

    App_Store_Badge_EN_Small.png get_it_on_play_logo_large.png WP-Download-English-Small.png
  2. I got it! Will send feedback ASAP!
  3. although very basic and simple as of now I believe that this app has quite a lot of potential! I would recommend attempting to implement the live map into this with customized controls also removing the server live map logo! Very good so far!
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  4. ^thats my feedback! ;)
  5. Send the .apk file to me and I will upload it to Google play :)
  6. Thanks for that i will start away into finding out how can i can live map working maybe a chatroom? and i need to fix the logo at the start and i need to fix the website so that its more free
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  7. really? how??
  8. Does google play work on chrome on pc?
  9. No sorry google play is for android devices like tablets and phone not computer
  10. I have an dev account on Google play :)
  11. its says its s £25 fee? for me when i try and how are you getting it on?
  12. Oh Cool i will PM you
  13. Oh ok thanks :)
  14. Thanks For Downloads People! Please Tell Your Friends!
  15. I have been working on a Android app which will interface the whole rupees section and alot more stuff but It looks le you beat me to it :)
  16. cool maybe we can work together on it? i wanna try and get intergration with live map
  17. Yeah shure, Should I send you my Eclipse code?
  18. nah talk to me in pvt chat
  19. Roger that :)
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