EMC and your Shift Key

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Do you think other players are too sensitive to CAPS?

Yes 45 vote(s) 57.0%
No 15 vote(s) 19.0%
Hey, no caps! 19 vote(s) 24.1%
  1. This is something that's been bugging me for a while, and I didn't find any recent discussions on it. So fellow EMC'ers, let's chat shall we?
    We all know this rule, right? Nobody likes an annoying noob who spams chat all the time, SHOUTS CONSTANTLY FOR EVERYONE'S ATTENTION, and is generally obnoxious. But it seems to me, a few players (townies in particular) keep forgetting the second half of that rule. Flagrant chat spamming is not the same as using capital letters in conversation.

    Personally, I think it's more irritating when folks are hyper-sensitive to it and jump down another player's throat with "no caps!" the second they see more than two capital letters in a row. But that's my opinion - hence the poll. What do you all think?
  2. Someone actually pointed it out.
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  3. I voted no, probably because I used one word in caps and been warned my a Mod.
    Caps=Shouting, shouting is rude.
  4. Well, personally I will only remind the player to watch the caps if it is the entire sentence or most of it. A couple of words won't and can't hurt anyone. That is generally how it goes on smp2. Not exactly sure what the behaviour of people on the other servers is.
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  5. Recently? Sorry, I ran a search and scanned the first few discussion pages, but didn't find a thread for the whole 'omg no caps' hyper-sensitivity discussion. If I'm wasting my time or making a nuisance of m'self, I shall gladly forget this thread ever existed :(
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  6. once, someone said "LOL" in chat, and ~10 people said "no caps!"
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  7. Oh I'll agree, shouting is rude. Mostly.
    The thing is, there's no italics in chat to use for emphasis on some things. I tend to put emphasized words in [brackets] like so, but CAPS for emphasis on a word or two in a sentence shouldn't be immediately pounced on.

    Now see... this is what I mean. That is just being ridiculous.
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  8. Although I really don't appreciate people either shouting constantly, or even advertising in all caps I don't really think it's much of a problem when someone says and acronym in all caps or emphasizes a word in caps...
  9. Although, might I feel there is no need for the caps in your example.

    Also, a thing that really bugs me is when someone writes in caps, then says "sorry, caps" on the end.
    I mean, if you saw if was caps before you hit enter, write it again.
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  10. Kind of like what ninjaboy said, it's more of a repetition kind of thing. For example, if someone says "HEY {PLAYER NAME HERE IN CAPS}, check this out, sorry for the caps." once, that's okay. Now, if someone is constantly saying "LOL COME TO MY SHOP PLZ I NEED RUPEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" a million times, that's not okay. So there's a fine line, and you need to know where that is.
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  11. Agreed, though I'd settle for more people realizing there is a line, and it's not an absolute "no caps ever" kind of rule.
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  12. You have a valid point. We wouldn't have this problem if people knew there was a line, like you said.
  13. dont all yell at me at once, but is it such a bad thing to not click the shift at all. makes for faster typing
  14. Its annoying, these people insist on fixing the smallest thing, but in reality, they are just spamming themselves by saying "Stop caps!".
  15. I don't care for it personally ("Anything worth saying/typing is worth doing it right," IMHO) but it's not actually bad.
    I suppose I just want more townies to stop treating these poor Capital Letters like pariahs and abominations unto god. Rules are guide rails on a path, not a bludgeon to beat people over the head with. Metaphorically speaking.
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  16. I do not kick for "caps"
    I kick for "all caps"

    While I can't control how other people act, I generally see 3 or more words in a row as being excessive.
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  17. Feel free to correct anyone that says "caps" after one word of them in a sentence.. In most cases, they're wrong and the "offender" is just try to exaggerate a point, seeing as there's no italics in-game.

    But as Crazy said, anyone that uses 3-4+ capital lettered words should probably be warned.
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  18. I hate it when players say something in all caps, realize that they used all caps and apologise for using caps in the SAME line instead of not cap spamming at all. Like this:
    "OMG MY SHAWP IZ TOATS EPIC COM CHEK IT OUT!!!!!!! sorry caps"
    Usually when people apologize for caps I tell them not to apologize, and to just not do the caps in the first place.
    As the empire has started to grow again spamming had gotten much worse on smp8, how has it been on other servers?
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  19. Can't say that it's too bad on SMP2. There might be a couple a day when I'm on, but nothing big. Just kicks.
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  20. That's a bit ripe - judging by your ad :p