EMC Aether Server [Riley355]

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  1. Riley355 said that it would be cool if there was an EMC Aether Server and I agreed.

    But does anyone know if that could be possible?
  2. It's possible, but it won't happen sorry.
  3. Not officially but private could be done.
  4. I would love for this to happen but I am pretty sure it won't happen for a long time or it just won't happen. Not too familiar with the Aether mod but it looks good. I just think there is too many mobs and items and stuff to deal with with the coding.
  5. Please don't suggest servers. You know that thread that you were supposed to read? The one that said 'READ THIS FIRST?' It said no tekkit or FTB. Obviously, it means no Aether, either.
  6. ...No or it would have said "NO AETHER".
  7. It does not obviously mean no Aether. But you are right, people should not be suggesting ModPacks.
  8. I'd like it if you could do an Aether 1.0.0 server, because I don't exactly like the new Aether.
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    Things like this have been suggested before, but the developers have decided no :)
    Players have made private mod pack servers though, if you want to do that go right ahead :)
    Jut remember to read the new rules about advertising.
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