EMC Achievements for all!

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  1. Note. NO reward from achieve them.
    High Tier Achievement generally more diffcult to achieve.

    [ Tier 1 ]
    Welcome to EMC! : Complete the Tutorial
    Protection : Wear Diamond armour set
    Shop maker : Making Shop sign
    Engaged Player : Get Any custom Emc engaged mob
    Vote for EMC : Vote at emc
    Promotional item : get any Promo but dragon stone
    First Step : get 10,000 rupee
    Eggcellent Work : eggnifiy any animal
    Basic Farmer : harvest any crops
    What is this? : drink Zombie Virus

    [ Tier 2 ]
    Time to Dance : get All type of music disc
    Time to Adventure : travel far away 5000+ blocks to frontier spawn
    Barrior : Saw ' You cant go more far away from here' message
    Morden times : Harvest crops with Automatic system
    Mob Factory : make any type of AFK mob grinder
    Enchanted Coal? : make dragon stone
    Giant Slayer : Get Momentus
    Is this bird? : Get Marlix
    Voters Reward : Get any Voters item from voting
    HeadHunter : Get all type of mob head
    God bow : get Flame II bow from engaged Skelton
    Baby evil : get Armoured engaged Baby Zombie
    Wither killer : kill wither
    Infinite Service : make Infinite Villager
    Is this end? : Going to End world from End potral
    Horse Breeder : obtianed 125+ speed horse or Donkey or Mule
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  2. An achievement system wouldn't really "fit" EMC.
  3. Please delete this thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.