EMC A New Adventure Begins

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  1. So ppl have been asking me to do more videos so here goes. This is a wild adventure lets play kind of thingy so I would be greatfull if you take the time to watch it It also co-stars a couple of players so keep an eye out for them in the video.

    like's sub's share's comments on the videos and channel are always welcome many tnx Silk
  2. Oooo nice, I wish I knew how to upload and record videos
  3. They take forever, recording is the easy part, editing then encoding x 2 then uploading. This took me all day although I have a lot more recorded so more editing for the next episode :D
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  4. When will you be doing more? I love these!
  5. I think they could potentially attract some new players to EMC. Keep it up!
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  6. It looks like you have a bit of lag - how many FPS do you have on average? Try using Optifine. I would also recommend using the Faithful 32x32 texture pack, which is the default in HD :p
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  7. I have tried to load Optifine but it stopped everything from working and mc crashed. I will retry it with a fresh mc download and then reinstall rei's minimap which is the only thing I have installed. I was also considering Faithful txt pak so I will take a look at that at the same time.

    I recorded quite a bit yesterday so you may not see any changes for the first 3 part of this series.
  8. One other thing pls let me know what you thought about the video jumping to other things part way through as I think this is something different the mc videos and I want to explore this more. Show other things on EMC etc.
  9. Finally got it all loaded :D and working had to start with a fresh mc download, I can finally see the difference so much better all around fps and texture pack nice.
  10. lol. looks cool XD. What software did you use to record this. Because I mite do one on an a build or something.
  11. I use Microsoft Expression Encoder, the free version it works ok but to encode it takes forever 15 min video about 45 min I then have to convert it again using windows live movie maker before I can upload it to youtube. 45 min + 20 min + 30 min for all the steps unless something goes wrong like internet crashes and then you can add another hour etc.

    Only way around it is to pay for the mp4 encoder part of the software £150 then I could just upload to yt directly after editing and encoding once. It is much quicker to encode and upload with mp4
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  12. Thanks and ok :). O your shop is epic. :D
  13. Tnx Laurencem, I always try to keep my shop well stocked lots of goodies there atm

    On a separate note just deleted all my video footage for part 2 and as I had a lot of work done on the base the next episode will show a lot of changes. And yes very upsetting but i don't think I will make that mistake again :/
  14. Ok think something is wrong with the Faitful texture pack.

    Anyone else had this problem if so how did get over it. I must say though the nether all in blue looks nice :D

    #1.jpg #2.jpg #5.jpg #4.jpg
  15. That only happens if you are not using Optifine.
  16. I am using optifine, but I may have placed the texture pack in the wrong area!! where would you normally put it?
  17. Go to your texture packs menu and "click on open texture packs folder", then place the texture pack in there. Also, if you have not gotten Magic Launcher yet, I would strongly recommend getting it. It makes modding so much easier and may resolve your problem.
  18. If your not good with modding I strongly suggest mc patcher I use it. It patches texture packs to make them look like they should. It's simple download it select it and the options on it and then it will do its magic.
  19. Optifine does that and increases frame rate.