EMC 2014 FIFA World Cup Competition!

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  1. Hello and welcome to my 2014 FIFA World Cup Competition! This competition is about Football (Soccer) but you don't have to be a football expert to join in! (I am no football expert :p) Anyone is welcome to join and it is free to enter.

    To enter, it's simple. Pick a country that you want to support. If the country that you pick wins, you win prizes. So for example, if France wins and there are 4 people that picked France, the rupee prize would be divided by 4 and everyone would be given their share. For item prizes, players that picked the winning country would be picked at random and hopefully everyone will get something (Items would be given away in bundles).

    If you have experience with football and think you could come up with a better system or have any suggestions, feel free to suggest below or PM me.

    1. You may only pick one country per player. There will be a maximum of 5 people to one country. You can change the country you picked before the fist game is played, but after that you cannot change country.
    2. No alts please. Players that use alts will be disqualified.
    More rules may be added at a later time.

    Group A
    Brazil- Porphos, ItsMeMatheus

    Group B
    Spain- MrUnknownian, FDNY21, xHaro_der (on behalf of Todd_Vinton), Joshyrocks13
    Netherlands- 607
    Australia- mba2012

    Group C
    Japan- TheEpic5, Leopard_Knight

    Group D
    Costa Rica
    England- Ark_Warrior1

    Group E

    Group F
    Argentina- BanditLM, Facu12301, Samsimx, Lukafolz
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Group G
    Germany- BTHarrold98, Hashhog3000, RunningRhino
    Portugal- Defluxer, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    USA- JefferyLi2003, EffinBatman

    Group H
    Korea Republic

    http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/ to view fixtures and groups.
    The World Cup starts Thursday, June 12 and ends on Sunday, July 13.

    30,000r to be given away
    Enchanted items
    Valuable ores
    If you would like to donate prizes, please PM me.

    Any questions? Feel free to ask below!
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  2. So, can we start picking countries now?
  3. Italia! Heheh... just kidding they aren't going to win ;)
  4. Yeah if you want.
  5. ok, ill pick England. :D
  6. I need an octopus...
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  7. I think this is a good idea, well done. I'm going to choose Germany. :D
  8. this is going to be fun, great idea buddy :D
  9. argentina i pick them :) would go for england but its taken
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  10. I think I'm going to make it that more than one person can pick a certain country, but there will be a maximum of 5 people to one country. What do you guys think of that? Does that seem fair?
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  11. Spain... They dominated this year (cough champions league final cough)
  12. that sounds fair but ill stay with argentina seeming as a few of englands players are injured, aka terry and is lampard back?
  13. The competition is now open! Check the rules and get picking your country! :D
  14. Portugal, Ronaldo gonna go to work!
  15. Im going for Brazil!
  16. the country i go for , is not going to win
  17. I must honor my roots, going for Brazil :p
  18. I'll choose Germany. Interesting contest! :D
  19. Hey, why not! Good idea for a contest, actually :) I choose Spain, thanks!