EMC 1.9 Changes

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  1. i know you are coding but is there anyway for you to clarify some of the changes or decisions you have made regarding how emc will be dealing with 1.9 changes like the end world, dragons, elytra, combat and any other insight into what might be holding up the process for anti-grief/the update?
    youve mentioned a few of these in the past in random threads but if you put it all here it might be nice :D
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  2. Will let him reply still. I know he had/has most of the anti griefing update done actually. Needs some polishing yet. I know the goal was to release that prior to 1.9.

    Regardless, we for sure need to wait for 1.9.1
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  3. moving to own thread to avoid derailing update thread.
    Everything you stated is pretty much remaining Vanilla. The only exception is that the first dragon kill will not drop a Dragon Egg.

    Though might have to consider changing Mending as I'm hearing tons of screams of how overpowered it is.

    I mention that because there will be a Wastelands End in 1.9, and it would be unfair that only those who were on during the reset/update would have a chance at getting the egg. Egg's will be as they were planned, to be obtained using Tokens.

    We may even go ahead and add the Egg as a token purchasable item in 1.9 update itself, just got to do some thing on pricing.

    Anti Grief purely has been delayed to due IRL and 1.9 eating up the time.

    I didn't want to put it in last nights update as I Want to be sure we're ready to support it w/o it obstructing people in mean time, as right now my dev environment is getting unstable with 1.9 changes.
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  4. Then just do /stable?

    Wow, this coding thing is easy. I should be the lead dev /s