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  1. Well hello there! New player here. I started playing in this server about a week ago -shmoney dances-. The IGN is EvaanJ so if you see me in the around don't be afraid to say hi. I play on SMP3 and I do a lot of random stuff to keep me entertained.

    - Facts about me :
    • I'm 20 years old.
    • I'm from an island called Puerto Rico.
    • I like to write.
    • Video games are bae!
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  2. Welcome to EMC. How much do you love Stone Slabs?
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  3. Welcome to the Empire :)
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  4. Love them!
  5. how much do you love me?
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  6. I have a lot of love to give!
  7. Welcome. Very fortunate to land on 5. Congrats.
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  8. Funny thing about that. When I joined the server I spawned in some blocks in the middle of nowhere.
  9. Welcome to the Empire!
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  10. Welcome to the empire. We hope you stay longer than five nights.
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  11. Is six nights ok?
  12. I don't know... A whole week at emc is crazy :p

    (Nah jk it's smp8)

    But I am glad your here! We always like to see new faces... Well your pixelated face of course.
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  13. Bienvenido a EMC, smp4 goberna
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  14. Welcome to EMC, hope ou enjoy you're stay as I do :D
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  15. Welcome to the empire! :)
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  16. Welcome to EMC!
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  17. Welcome to EMC feel free to drop off anything you write in Minecraft at my book shop.
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  18. I was curious to this and decided to do "/p EvaanJ" to find out more about you. It turns out, you first came to this server 645 Days ago! That must be why you spawned in confusion and lost :p

    Welcome Back or Welcome New Player, it's great to see more people around.
  19. Wow this just shows how great of a memory I have lol
  20. Welcome to EMC! :)

    If you need any help, I'm usually around on SMP9 or SMP3, or ask anyone else. We'll be glad to help you out ;)