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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am fairly new to the server and just figured I'd introduce myself. I am a 29 year old male. I only started Minecraft about a month ago, only doing single player. I found that to be boring and wasn't allowing me to learn the game. So now I am here and looking forward to get to know everyone. Oh and I am on smp6!
  2. Welcome to the Empire! I hope you'll enjoy your time here :)
  3. Hello and welcome, Mr. Fox.
  4. Welcome to the empire. You have joined the best server ever!
  5. Thank you everyone!
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :D I hope enjoy minecraft on EMC :D
  7. Welcome to EMC :)
  8. welcome bluefox009, I hope you have a lot more fun here than on singleplayer :D
    what's your plan for builds then? are you moving in to town or settling in the wilderness?
  9. Welcome to the Empire, Blue! :p
    I hope you enjoy your time here ^.^

    You're profile picture/avatar is super cute btw owo
  10. Welcome to the Empire, BlueFox
  11. Weel come to EMC bluefox, i hope you enjoy your stay in smp6 :D. If you need something just ask me.
  12. Welcome to EMC! Enjoy your stay here!
  13. Welcome to EMC and welcome to smp6! :)
  14. Awesome! I'm sure everyone will be more than willing to help you on your way!
    Have fun on EMC!
  15. Right now I have my res in town, I actually have a house up. Not exactly going to be my final setup but I like the looks of it. Come by and see it some time!

    I will be staying at town except small trips to get materials due to the fact every time I go and mine in the Wasteland I seem to die and lose everything, LOL. Eventually I may set out into the wilderness.

    To Everyone Else: Thanks! I've enjoyed so far.
  16. ;) Welcome to the Empire! :cool: