Ello C:

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  1. Ello Im Melissa Aka Elysianx, Ive Been Playing On Emc For A Few Months Now And Never Introduced Myself.
    HAI :D
  2. Hi!:)
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  3. Hey-Hey! You might have to fight with Maxarias for that pink text! :p

    Welcome to EMC! I hope to see you around the forums and on EMC!
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  4. Hello and welcome.
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  5. That's pink?¿?:eek: I thought it was purple

    On topic: Hi!
    You should visit all the smps in one day! It's really fun.
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  6. Hey! Welcome to EMC! I hope you like it here! As I do very much. If you ever need anything, PM me, or post on my profile, as I'm willing to help you to any extent! I hope we can become great friends, as you seem nice:)

    So Welcome!!!

    Yours truly,

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  7. Hi there :)
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  8. :D hello, any help u want, i will be glad to help you and free :D
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  9. I like you, you type in color too. We can be friends. Be my friend. Love me.. WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!??!?!

    I mean uhh.. Welcome to EMC.
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  10. Hello!
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  11. Ello! Do you like pie?
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  12. I Do!!!!!! XD
  13. What kind of pie?
  14. How are you today C:
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  15. sup
  16. oh my i do :oops:
    I did not know
    i will try to be in the fourms C:
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  17. Thank you and hai C:
  18. I have, the graveyard is so much fun C:
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  19. aw
    will do
    i know my ways around this now C: