ElfinPineapple Miners Mania Problem

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  1. I accidentlly forgot to grab my horse and went into the portal and now i cant get it back how am i going to get it back!! From Yesterday
  2. ElfinPineapple
  3. Normally these events are held somewhere in the wastelands. I know it was held on SMP7 somewhere, did you by any chance set your spawnpoint (using a bed)? If so then your compass might help: /compass bed. If you use that in the SMP7 waste it should point you to your bed.

    Other possible option is using the livemap (although that could be hard).
  4. Thats not where it leads it too =P
  5. Those coords are incorrect:

  6. Seems the right coords are: -4296, 64, -7304.

    Only 12k blocks from where we are now :p We actually traveled from /waste c all the way to /waste sw :D
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  7. Turns out the Horse Despawned Chunk caused lead to break making him run and die got killed by a player either using a flame bow or used lava or it was Naturally kill <-- I don't believe this what the staff replied saying that =P
  8. Hmm.... If it was your horse (so you tamed it) then I don't think it would easily despawn. Because if it would then there wouldn't be a derelict policy for horses.

    Of course it is definitely possible that it got killed somehow. Do you happen to know the rough specs of the horse?

    PS (edit): One thing though: the staff won't lie to you. I'm 100% convinced that the staff member who helped you out did the best they could and also gave you the best answer they could give you. You may not agree, sure, but I don't believe that staff will just say anything to you.
  9. its ok proxyPD I hope you get your horse back

  10. if you remember the stats I might be able to replace it for you
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  11. i think it was a White horse fast
  12. wow that sux rlly bad i hope u get ur horse back be4 its 2 late!

    edit: sorry i just read the rest of the thread im srry ur horse is gone but gl finding a better newer 1! ^.^
  13. How fast? I wont be very happy if you make up some speed just to get a free horse
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  14. that was a joke BTW ;)
  15. IDK it was like around 120 Speed
  16. I hope you find it :D
  17. I cant remember that long :p