Electrobomb's 200 day 15k+ giveaway and AMA!

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  1. You MUST ask a question to be entered in the giveaway! ,then pick a number from 1-30 to be entered. Prizes: 1st place: 12,500r 2nd place: 7,333r 3rd place: 1073r, My head, a skeleton head, and a Zombie Head Specialty Prizes: 4th Place: Gets to play Deal or no Deal at my residence at a scheduled time. 5th place: Gets to play color bomb at my residence at a scheduled time. If you are generous enough to donate for the giveaway (any amount,) It will go towards the giveaway, so the prizes may be updated randomly. You can also donate items, but if is like dirt I wont put it in the giveaway, you know what I mean people -_-, also, please tell me if you donate so I can put your name on the donator's list below.
    Donations list: Luckygreenbird- 333r Damiensmom11- 573r BussGIL- 5000r

    Numbers Will be drawn once all of them are filled.

    Winners are in green:
    Numbers list:
    1- TheCODpwnzer
    2- gap542
    3- deathconn
    4- mman2832
    5- damiensmom11
    6- Nick5013
    7- generalfelino15
    8- RunningRhino
    9- Adondrabkin
    10- Brickstrike
    11- Luckygreenbird
    12- x1Amazingplayer
    13- EVERWIN67
    14- WolfThunderBlade
    15- xHaro_Der
    16- redfire23
    17- The_Shadow_007
    18- Thundereco
    19- boozle628
    20- PandaParadise
    21- cddm95ace
    22- SuperVal_Junior
    23- BilboBaggins23
    24- Elysphic
    25- TomvanWijnen
    26- trent948
    27- AmusedStew
    28- DragonFlame356
    29- Sweetie_Pea
    30- NoahMarcusWhite
    31- BussGIL
    32- djavaisadog
    33- BilboBaggins23
    34- adestes
    35- yusei10123
  2. 27 please, grats on 200day milestone :)
    fav superhero?
  3. 6 pl0x, grats!
    Edison or Tesla?
  4. Umm... Batman

    Tesla.. cuz he invented my light
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  5. 15 when you grow up do you wanna be a potatoe
  6. Only If I can be turned into French-Fries
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  7. 21 please, congratulations.

    If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  8. The Choice to mindread
  9. Do u like bacon? 28
  10. No..., jk of course I do
  11. 11, Have you found any diamonds lately?
  12. 26 please, do you have any EMC exclusive items I can have for my mesuem?
  13. 12 Whats your home server?
  14. 3

    What is your best memory from each server?
  15. 13 please.
    How many heads of yours are in circulation?
  16. 16 plz
    Hows life?
  17. 17 Please
    Have you ever been kicked/banned?
  18. 18 please
    Do you know a lot of redstone stuff?
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  19. 24 please, do you like electro's?
  20. 8 please. What's your favorite color?