Election On who to be incharge of Paradise Islands.

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Who do you want incharge

Poll closed May 24, 2014.
Mr_Zulus 6 vote(s) 42.9%
99marvel 8 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. Hi EMC people Paradise Islands needs a new owner for the group as i am leaving it and just being founder So our group have decided it to be.



    Both participants had these quotes

    99marvel "If I were to be chosen to become owner, I assure you all you would not regret your decision. I am ambitious and a good business man. I know how to run groups like these. As many of you think Zulu would be a good leader, I would agree. If I were chosen, I would make Zulu second in command, or even equal with me. I would enjoy a co-ownership and think that checks and balances in power would be a good idea. I hope whoever is chosen uses their power well, and helps the group grow as I know it will. Good luck to you all :)"

    "If You vote on me, I promise to be leader that make it possible to all Club Members to have safe and great enviroment to have fun, build ideas, and get resources in best way possible.

    I don't want to impose on anyone to what, where and when have to be done, but rather counting for free will to help build common area and group where everyone is having fun doing what one likes the best to do."

    Your choice to vote please vote on the poll now please Election ends on April the 5th
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  2. Spiders for president.
  3. This is a Bias Vote at the top, try to organize it so that what ever is at the top of the post, say zul is at the top, then have him/her be the first in the vote list.

    Also i would like to see some more info on what they say, as it is a bit vage and i would like to see them post in the thread to see what they say.
  4. I don't exactly this it's a good idea to have the vote current results be able to be seen, and the fact that you can see who voted for who. Also, like finch said, I'm sure the people who live on Paradise Isle would rather have the candidates post their sides in this thread.