Elder Guardian issue: Lessened Rewards

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  1. Lately I've been on a Ocean Monument kick and I've noticed that while fighting the Elder Guardians that I keep seeing the message, "The Monster is having a hard time reaching you, the chance of rewards will be lessened." This happens mostly in melee with one and it is zapping me. Usually it happens if I've hit it and backed it up against a wall, which I understand would restrict its movement but when it happens it is zapping me with no problem and its spikes are hitting me because I'm up next to it. I would understand if it would be restricted from moving over to me, but it is happening when we are right up on each other, touching each other. If a Staff Member wants to see it, let me know and I'll PM you the next time I go Monument Hunting.
  2. I had this same issue before.
    I think Akair should do something about this for the Guardians.
  3. Haven't heard anything, was wondering if someone on Staff has seen this yet.
  4. I feel like we're penalized for using tactics while bosses can use the terrain to their advantage. If you want to avoid it you have to trade punches toe to toe which is nearly impossible anyway with them flitting around and teleporting.

    I accepted this with Momentus and Marlix since they are Aikar's babies, but dislike it being applied to the Wither, Guardians, and normal mobs.
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  5. I have to agree on this one. I can't comment on Elder Guardians because its been a while since I fought those, but I seem to recall this happening with skeletons as well. Which seemed kind of strange because although they may not be able to physically reach me they can still shoot me with their arrows.

    However; I never gave it much thought because I always got what I was after: good mob drops. To my knowledge these messages only apply to custom drops such as tokens and optionally customized items. Also: Aikar has indeed recently added the Elder Guardian to the collection of "customized mobs"; it honors the difficulty settings in /ps and on difficulty 6 (or higher) it also takes 66% less damage when it's flopping around out of the water.

    So it is very well possible that there maybe some quirks which need to be ironed out.
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  6. i was intending to fix this over weekend but forgot, but its not too much worry. It will never affect vanilla drops. This would only apply to the EXTRAS I added as part of the custom mob update for them.

    But its technically a bug in the calculations and 'mini bosses' are meant to resist rather than lower rate anyways, so ill treat those 2 the same way.

    As for skeletons, ranged attackers are treated differently than melee. They check Line Of Sight rather than range and pathfinding.

    All I gotta do to fix this is add Elder guardian to ranged list.
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  7. Just want to point out, in case you missed it above, that I get this message when hitting a Elder Guardian with a sword. It usually happens when I've backed it up into a corner where it can't move around but it is still hitting me and I'm hitting it in melee. I haven't seen this message when hitting them with a Bow.

    I understand if it doesn't get fixed immediately, I just wanted to make sure it was on the "To Be Fixed" list. :)
    (I work in a Large Corporate IT Dept, in IT terms, I just wanted to make sure that a Repair Ticket has been opened, as it were... :) )
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