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    As most people know, egging is the action of throwing chicken eggs on someone's residence, Town Spawn, /Store, or other location. There have been occasions where several hundred chickens have been spawned. It takes a lot of time and effort from staff members and volunteers to kill these chickens. Egging is not only annoying but it can be considered griefing. It is rude and inconsiderate to egg any place in town that you do not own. Justin is working on a way to eliminate this problem. But until then, please be considerate and do not egg any places. If you need or have a chicken farm on your res, please keep your chickens contained on your lot.
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  2. just get a lit of sticks an use them and sell the eggs or... put them in lava
  3. You don't understand... I have a shop in SMP5 that got totally egged and... it took me about an hour to egg all of the chickens.

    Its not really funny anymore to egg someones residence.
  4. i got egged and cleaning them up actually relaxed me and after that i had 100+ eggs
  5. It did gave you many chickens, not that I was it xD
  6. Once upon a time, Xandrow got his residence egged by 1000+ eggs, his laptop crashed few times when he was trying to kill the chickens. END of story
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  7. I'm going to jump in on the bandwagon for anti egging for people that you don't know or in public places. However I would like to say that amongst friends that you KNOW (be it in minecraft or both in and out of minecraft) its quite entertaining. Just make sure you let them know or do it while they are online so they can get a chance to clean up before they grow up.

    In short, egg responsibly my friends.
  8. I was there when it happened!
  9. Not only keep them contained, but also keep the area that eggs drop locked up so that other players cant get any ammo from you.
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  10. you cannot turn any animals into eggs if it isn't on your own res, so say you go to utopia's town spawn... there are like 60+ chickens... lagging everything up, you can't do a thing about it it :(

    i hate immature idiots! -.-
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  11. thank you o god of knowledge
  12. Your posts are annoying, condescending and sarcastic and I am reaching the point of tolerance with you. Please be kind, respectful, and don't post unless you need to as 90% of the things you post make no sense and have little to no purpose. Sorry for how rash and rude I am being, but apparently the temp bans have not shown you enough punishment.
  13. One time I got egged and Im shop was litterly imposible to walk in You could not move I was like: What kind of magic is this? :)
  14. to help counter the egging madness, i am officially (once i find my way out of the nether) closing my smp8 free chicken egg farm in my statue. this is final.

    its REALLY annoying when somebody eggs your work area underneath your lot. im trying to dig it all out, bit the mass of chickens made it impossible once. it was horrible. pure hell.
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  15. If anyone has seen my wheat farm on smp5, that got egged. My average wheat count dropped by 500 because of the chickens jumping in it.
  16. well, until then im gonna start an anti-egging crew, we clean up egged residences, anyone need help, or would like to help ?

  17. Can't wait for Kilmannan to clean up those chickens at the Arabian Marketplace.
  18. I think some of you are not getting the point. Its as simple as killing or egging the chickens. Sometimes the person gets out of hand and eggs the residence until no one can enter it anymore because it will crash their computers.

    At that point no one can egg it or even kill the chickens.

    There is a flag in Residence called "animals" however we cannot turn this off because I don't know for what reason, IMO it decreases lag because chickens are a nuisance and they just consume memory.
  19. We need a flag to disable egging on res's. And we need a way to prevent egging in town areas too.

    If that is too difficult, can we just disable egg-throwing all together?

    Some might think it is fun; but it isn't fun for all of us. It's annoying, frustrating, and has led to bans when it has been viewed as a form of griefing.

    When you remove move-permission from trolls, they often stand on the edge of your res throwing thousands of chickens. They can get into all the holes around your res, and take a long time to clear out. That's not fun.

    Please, can something be done, ASAP.

    If nothing else, just stop the eggs from being thrown all-together.
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  20. How about a price to throw eggs