egging mobs

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  1. is there any way you can egg a creeper. or buy a creeper egg? i see there are monester eggs in shop but does that just mean they are random
  2. all hostile mob eggs are not available on emc
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  3. You can't egg any hostile mobs and you can't buy hostile mobs either. Not sure what you are seeing at the shop because there is no way to get a creeper egg. What exactlyedodyouyneed a creeper for? Depending on the use, you might be able to lead a creeper where you want it.
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  4. You can't egg hostile mobs, except enraged zombies if you turn them into villagers.
  5. If emc adds egging mobs, there would be a lot more griefing and killing of players.
  6. The "Monster Egg" that you are seeing in the shop is a Bat Egg. It confused me at first too. :]