Eggification for Hostile Mobs

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  1. Just something I think the game is missing.

    In the other Minecraft games that I've played, I always had a pet Slime. I just thought it was fun to have around since it was so harmless.

    Another idea I had in mind was making puzzles that involve a Zombie or a Spider chasing you around.

    I have no idea what purpose would a Creeper or a Skeleton serve, nor have I given thought to the Enderman and the Mobs in the Nether...I guess someone could just want to make a Hostile Mobs Zoo.

    So, since in a regular game one can guide and potentially capture hostile mobs, I think being able to eggify them wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Two problems

    1: Greifing: A guy walks out to a wild base, and spawns a bunch of creepers, and blows up the base

    2: Town is a peaceful place: No hostile mobs can spawn.

    I would like a tiny slime to follow me around...
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  3. It could be easily used for giefing. If someone eggified a huge amount of creepers it would not be very hard to destroy a whole outpost. But also if someone had a few hundred rupees and a few sticks they are basically in peaceful mode.
  4. Well, considering that eggifying costs 100 rupees, hostile mobs can't breed, and that one could do the same damage with TNT, that's a long way to go for the sake of griefing.
  5. But some people are still sick mined enough to do all of that.
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  6. Well the thing is, with TNT, only diamond supporters who pay 20$/mo. can use it.
  7. I think this would be a nice idea if you couldn't get harmed by the mobs, once the mob is spawned in town, it could just roam around as if you were in creative. If you egged a hostile mob, you couldn't spawn it back in the wild.
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  8. I think the only mob that should be eggifiable that isn't is the bat. Other than that, mobs belong in the wild, randomly spawning as they always have (more or less).
  9. Or it could be like a /shop exclusive item and like cord said - they just walk around derpy following you around and
    not :exploding/shooting/punching/tbagging/flopping
  10. id like a creeper pet
  11. I want a spider jock pet!
    Still...what if you could eggify hostile mobs in the wild for 500r?
    You only could use this option once a week.(to prevent people from spamming it to be safe.)
    Then you only could respawn them in town, never in wild, where this sit around doing nothing until you right click them?
    And if you right click on them, they will follow you?
    (Undead don't burn in day, Endermen can't teleport.Spiders no climb walls.)
    And you can't kill them in town.(Too easy to get mob drops)
    To get rid of them, eggify them again for free in town.
    That is my thought on the topic.
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  12. i dont think this will ever happen (mostly because it would require a boatload of work for very little payoff) but if it does it will surely be down on the list after all the other great changes aikar and icc have planned
  13. I think a better option would be the ability to tame various wild beasties. Thus a pet cave-spider or slime would be possible. It could then be possible to eggify the tamed version. But egging hostile mobs - as entertaining as it would be - probably isn't the way to go.
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  14. Well, hostile mobs on the spawn protected area can't harm you, and creepers there can't explode either, so I would assume that's more or less how they would behave in town, although they would still try to kill you.

    Maybe the creeper can be left out of the eggification process all together to avoid griefing? Maybe.

    Also, how is spawning them in town after you paid 100+ to get that one mob "too easy to get mob drops"? Wouldn't it be easier to just use the money to buy the drops at a shop somewhere? Or better yet, just kill it in the wild.

    Do remember, the idea isn't to reprogram mobs to make them peaceful, but to keep the mobs as they are and just be able to move them to your home where you'll have to be creative with how you preserve it or you might lose it easily.

    Remember the whole "Vanilla" thing? Taking hostile mobs home can be done in any Minecraft game, but taming them, not so much.
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  15. there s a friendly creeper mod, they look pink and they can be tamed with gunpowder i dunno why i say this
  16. Well placing a slime egg , you don't get to pick which size slime spawns out of it unless aikar changes the output to a small slime under , diamond, gold, and regular player properties but , in the end it's all not really worth it because it will only cause the entcount to rise , thus creating more lag since everyone will want a pet. I say since lag is a major issue that Emc works its best to keep at a low. Lets not have this.