[Efficient Farms] 250k for access

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  1. During my EMC career, I have built over 50 mob farms. After building all of them, I notice that most of them aren't as efficient as I would prefer. I'm looking for the most efficient farms EMC has to offer.

    I'm willing to pay 150k for access to a great farm
    What I'm looking for

    Double Blaze/Triple Blaze/Quad Blaze Grinder
    Wither Skeleton Farm

    Please follow this layout for the PM

    [Type of Farms you can give access to]
    [What server/servers they are located on] Do not give me cords.
    [Spawn Rates/Drop Rates]
    [Picture of farm] Optional
  2. well, byforeverthe2nd already has a public slime farm, and there is a public gold farm that is quite efficient on smp3.
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  3. I forgot to add that i'm looking for somewhat private farms.
  4. ah
  5. were is the slime farm i live on smp3 and i havnt seen it
  6. I don't think anyone has a quad/triple blaze farm, but I do have a double that I rarely use :)
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  7. Kyzoy and I have a 9 in 1 gold farm, max efficiency pretty much. Took 9,000+ obsidian, but works like a champ. :)

    I can ask him if it's alright to give access if your interested? Or he might just come across this, dunno.
  8. That sounds awesome Snowy.... If you guys are interested pm me
  9. Still looking for farms. Here's what i'm looking for and the prices i'm willing to pay for each farm.

    50k for Double blaze farm
    30k for wither farm
    20k for slime farm
  10. MoeMacZap has a Quad Blaze
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  11. Allengero has a wither farm I think