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  1. hello. i am eldron2000. i am currently making a cute army of eevee's and eeveelutions. if you don't know what an eeveelution is, its one of eevee's evolved forms. so i am making an army of eevee and eeveelutions. or both! or other kinds of eevee's. maybe a fan based eeveelution? who knows. its your decision. so why not draw me an eevee or eeveelution (or both) to enter my cute eevee army? with or without color (unless its a fan made eeveelution) your choice!
  2. I LOVE EEVEE! My favorite eeveelution is vaporeon because I like water pokemon.
    I can't draw pokemon to save my life, so could you draw a vaporeon for me
  3. I'll see if I can draw my Sylveon I use in X, Selene (named after the titan of the moon).
  4. lol i cant draw either. but my friend made an eevee and i colored it. here is how it came out:

  5. Yea I had heard there was a new eeveelution but I hadn't known what it was called. Hmm...Sylveon...I don't have X or Y is the Fairy type any good? I debating on getting a 3DS to play Y on, but as I said, I'm debating on it.
  6. Had to say something here :)
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  7. Yet another pokemon the new games ruined.
    Me gusta umbreon.
  8. I see you spelled "improved" wrong. ;)
  9. there's already a water eeveelution, Vaporeon
  10. i might just want to see that
  11. Just gonna clarify.. Umbreon is, for all intents and purposes, useless. It has the stat distribs of a tank, but the type of a dps.

    Silly umbreon, know your place.
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  12. But it looks so cool :p
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  13. i like flareon also
  14. ^ I like shiny umbreon.
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  15. My favorites: Vaporeon and Flareon
    vaporeon.png flareon.png
  16. Magic bounce espeon for those competitive players :p
  17. I won't deny that. I personally prefer Espeon and Sylveon, but Pokemon Coliseum gave me a certain love for Umbreon.. until I dumped him from my party because that game is unforgiving.
  18. uh... guys, this is a thread that was made to see if good drawers could draw eevees or eeveelutions. not argueing what eevee is better or what your talking about XD just putting that out there
  19. i think that idea has been ruined. lol
  20. I can only draw things which have already been drawn, in worse quality.
    Trust me, what you've got is much better than the alternative.
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