[Edited] Why was friends res deleted after only a week?

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  1. My friend AgentIke567 had a plot on smp7, and after a week of him not being on the server, the plot was GONE! WHAT THE CRAP?! Can you at LEAST make it a MONTH before your plot gets REMOVED?! This happened to me and it's JUST COMPLETE CRAP!!!!!
  2. Umad?

    No but seriously.. How could it have happened to you? For new members it's 10 days and you started monday. Hasn't even been a week
  3. The standard derelict policy is 30 days, BUT you must earn those 30 days before they are granted to you. This allows the Empire to not have issues with empty residences from players that joined for just a day and then left.

    see http://emc.gs/derelict for more information
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  4. I started playing on this server a month ago, but I didn't know that that was why my plot was gone.
  5. According to /p mario1257

    You have only been on the empire for 19 days. You still have not earned the 30 day dereliction protection. If you feel that something is wrong about your residence loss and that you WERE on the entire time with no absence of 5 days or greater. Please contact an administrator and maybe they can check your logins. Other than that, the system is fair and does whatever its designed purpose is for. Maybe consider getting diamond supportership before august 1st and claim 4 plots before they change the terms. All in all, for players less than a month; Their dereliction is 5 days.
  6. Caps and foul language :/
  7. It actually changes as you go. You should go read the derelict policy too =P
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  8. I can tell you that you started playing about 19 days ago, on the 5th, so not quite a month yet.
    You played for about 7 hours, and logged off, your next login was then a week later on the 12th, so, during that time, you residence went derelict. It was then claimed by system on the 11th.
    The system we have in place may seem unfair, but it's the fairest balance we can get between allowing people time to get to know the server, and ensuring there are many res's available for new players to get :)
  9. Topic title has been edited to reflect the purpose of the posting. I can live with caps inside the thread, but really it's not necessary to shout.

    This has been an issue recently, I am sure that it's not a secret, but it seems like new players are not reading enough of the information provided when they join. There is a lot to learn at first, so it's not really surprising. This is a recent change and it may be subject to revision. It should not be very difficult to claim a new residence and recovery many of the items that a short time player typically collects.

    If you are reading this and not a short time player, please try to remind new players in game that they will need to visit more than once per week for the first month or risk losing their residence.
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  10. First of all, my buddie isn't a member of the forums yet, and hasn't used the website IT ALL, so he doesn't know all the terms and policies of the server, he join about a week ago, did the tutorial, and we played for like an hour or 2, while he was offline, I built a HUGE building, which is now gone, it took me hours of my free time to make.
  11. How do you get all this information? It's like you hacked my computer.
  12. Aikar made it where it will pop up telling you that your residence could be reset and gives a link to the derelict policy. Therefore, your friend should have seen it. Please make sure that you do not ignore server announcements. They are there for a reason.
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  13. Rainbowchin is a staff member and can tell when you logged in. That way we can help you figure things out. No hacking, just helping =)
  14. He says he didn't get those messages.
  15. I'm sure he 'got' the messages, but it can be easy to ignore messages when I am busy building or if chat is very busy, they will scroll off screen pretty quick. I don't think the issue is that the notices don't exist, but rather that there are so many things for new people to learn, that it's common to miss things like this.

    Nothing I am saying is meant to try and place blame on the new player. There really is no finger pointing intended. I am saying instead that despite the problem, with this lesson learned, we still want to welcome new players and please just tell us what can be done to help you and/or your friend get back to the business of enjoying our EMC servers.

    I wouldn't mind offering some time or materials to get things moving again. I wouldn't be surprised if other players feel the same way. We have all experienced some setbacks, such as dying in the wild and everything we worked hard for getting burnt up in lava. Helping others is one of the big things that we like about EMC not being PVP and fun for everyone.
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  16. Well the building I made had, about 2 64 stacks of logs (oak) and most of the starting gear, such as Stone, Shovel, Spawn Eggs, and some other stuff.