Ecosia: plant trees while you search!

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    Today, I found something really nifty.

    It's called Ecosia, and it's a search engine which spends 80% of its profits planting trees (20% is in an environmental investment bank for future projects). The trees are planted in Burkina Faso, and help to clean the air, reverse the sprawl of the desert, create more rain, increase the wildlife, lift communities out of poverty, and reduce violent conflicts over the lack of water and natural resources.

    It's about as good as Google. The only difference is, when you use Google, your money goes into the pockets of a handful of shareholders, whereas when you use Ecosia, it will benefit everyone, because we all need our environment to live, and it will benefit the impoverished communities of Burkina Faso who certainly need the trees more than the shareholders need money.

    You can start using it immediately! You can get it as an extension on Chrome or whatever your browser is; if you won't remember to go to the extension every time you need to search something, you can set it as your default browser in your settings.

    In this thread:
    • discuss and ask questions about the idea
    • let us know if you're going to start using Ecosia!
    • tell us if you've had any success in getting anyone to use Ecosia!
    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'll definitely be using this over Google in the future. :D
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  3. Okay everyone, I'm using it and he's using it, who's next?
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  4. yupyup,have already changed it to my default
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  5. Yay!