Eastern Wilderness Discussion(SMP9)

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  1. This thread is for discussion between the nations and city-states of the Eastern Wilderness area on SMP9.

    FAQ(More to come):

    Q: What Defines my Nation as an Eastern Wilderness Nation?
    A: Your nation has to be in the far east of the Frontier, most nations are past the East Wilderness Spawn.
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  2. how far out is this ?
  3. Wrem and Volt, which you can see easily from the live map, are both approximately 14000 blocks east. If you go to the East Wilderness Spawn with a mine cart, there is a nether portal there and that will take you to a rail network where you can get to the East Wilderness area much faster.
  4. what would happen while im there?
  5. I'm not quite sure what you mean. You can join one of the many nations out here if you would like.
  6. how do i join?
  7. Well it depends since there are many different nations and cities with different rules. I am a part of Estona, a nation of islands. You could get a plot in one of the three cities that we have(one is still under construction) or you could contact kitten3101, rock00888, dean catterson, or voxelray to join a nation on the mainland.
  8. I do have a fairly decent city that I named Blackwood and has access to large public farms including tree farm that has all 6 types of trees 78 trees per section and very large wheat farm with all other crops except netherwart and simi working iron farm. Blackwood has plenty of housing and is expanding everyday for anyone wanting to join.
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  9. Might pop on by sometime. You should connect your city to the Estonan rail system in the nether, That way it is more easily accessable.
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  10. Estona has many open plots stables stores and large farms! we also have various attractions including siniypiva's fort, National Museum, Volt park (dedicated to staff) great ocean views and much much more!
  11. I feel pretty cool starting the whole SMP9 Eastern Wilderness movement (disregarding Pazzo of course.) :cool:
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  12. I started the Expansion to the West of the Eastern Outpost.
  13. can a player open a shop or own a house in all the city states of SMP9 ? or would you guys recommend just picking one and joining ?
  14. That sounds okay as long as you make sure people are okay with it. :)
  15. Remember if you want to come out to Estona check out our thread, just search for Estona and click on the one saying
    Estonan Federation[established]