Easter Event :D IDEA

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What Item Do you like best?

Bunny Slippers 11 vote(s) 55.0%
Unlucky Rabbits Foot 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Wedding carrot 3 vote(s) 15.0%
Carrot Peeler 6 vote(s) 30.0%
  1. My Easter Idea :) I Might Be to Late but Il Post it anyway

    Easter Drop Party
    Located in a Giant Egg

    Bunny Slippers Dropped By Maxarias quantity: 10
    Unlucky Rabbits Foot Dropped By RainbowChin quantity: 32
    Wedding carrot Dropped By Krysyy quantity: 16
    Carrot Peeler Dropped By Aikar quantity: 32

    Bunny Slippers (Leather boots Dyed White)
    Light blue and Yellow Name (easter colors)

    Lore: Made From The Fiercest Of Beings, The Mighty Carrot Eater!

    Soulbound and Unbreakable

    If Possible Well Wearing You Leave The The Foot Step Particals

    Unlucky Rabbits foot (rabbits foot)

    Lore: Cause Of most Broken Things

    &6Wedding Carrot (carrot)

    Lore: Who Needs a Ring When you have a Carrot?

    &9Carrot Peeler (tripwire hook)

    Lore: Whats Even The Point Of Peeling a Carrot

    Event Starts 7:30 PM EMC time
  2. This is a bit too late to post and makes a ton of promos...
  3. This is Just A idea All Items A Cosmetic I made a few so there were more to Chose from
  4. Is this the last Easter ever? Surely we might have one next year? And 'makes a ton of promos' lol ya that would suck.

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  5. Nice idea! You should do it next year too!;)
  6. No need to be so patronising.
    In my opinion, it is a bit stupid to make a load of promos that are only available to those who can attend the event.
    Having it late in the day prevents British people from easily coming, so it would be unfair for them.
    Also, if he means it for next year, why would he say 'I might be too late but il post anyway' and include specific details like time?
  7. 7:30 Was just a idea I dont want to Exclude Other Timezones
  8. I don't believe I was, just mild humour I suppose. Apologize if I offended you.

    Like 80k Member items, or the many other limited items? This should not be a reason NOT to add more.

    The staff always try their best to hold events when the most people can attend. I'm sure this would be no different. Maybe it was just a suggestion.
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  9. There's some good ideas here but I'd say that it would be better to shorten the list of the special event items dropped. There's a lot here, so there's some great ideas to choose from for future promos/special event items :)
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  10. Oh no! Promos on EMC?!?!?!
    Well I guess we can never have a DP again.

    +10 I like it!
  11. ... I'm pretty sure Max is inactive… and also, this will create a "economy issue" with the amount of promos being dropped. 0 for me.
  12. As I said Befor These Are Some Idea They Dont HAVE to Be all in 1 I made a few so there Were more the chose From
  13. +1 from me :D
    promo idea :
    a stick called 'chocolate' in bold brown text
    its lore says 'EAT MEEEEEEE!!!!'
    it is soulbound, unbrakable and shiny
    enchants: sharpnes 5, fire 2,loot 3, and everything elso op
  14. Both of you are silly. More promos would be cool, not overbearing. The mere fact that these are EASTER-related promos will not affect other promo's prices. For instance, how does that enchanted tripwire hook affect a Mineral Mincer? It's nonsense to say that new, different items will ruin the EMC economy. Yes, adding in an item with attributes that of a Chicken Skewer would affect their prices, but that's the beauty of economy. Prices. Always. Change. Plain and simple friends. :eek:

    +1 from me!!
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  15. +1 its all I have to say :)
  16. You must accept the idea that Empire minecraft can't just throw out promo after promo, even if it is an evented promo. Still 0 for me.