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  1. Hey everyone. Its me MistroMouse22. Just wondering how did you guys earn your rupees? and also what are some of the easiest ways to earn rupees w/o having a shop? (p.s i already have a mega shop on smp6) Im really keen on reaching 100k rupees :) thx
  2. Enchanting items is how a lot of people earn money, i would suggest getting a double spawner then making it into an exp farm:)
  3. alright, well ive made an enchantment shop and im going to enchant lots of stuff after 1.3
  4. I've had a lot of people ask me how I earned 250k in less than 20 days on EMC. I for one had a good spawner trade market going before I shut it down because of the wild reset. Other than that, Cross server selling, and glowstone runs as well. A full inventory of glowstone is about 30k.
    Hope I helped! :D
    Edit: I also enchant tons of items because I have a quite good grinder, but I give away all the enchants I don't use as donations for competitions and such.
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  5. You can go do this thing right here. If you are the 100th voter you win 1000 rupees if your the 250th voter you win 5000 rupees. In EMC every drop of rupees count so vote now!

  6. If you are really needy for rupees you could also sell stuff to megamalls besides Smp6. Think of Pthagaard's mall at Smp1, Leowaste or Alexchance's mall on smp2, d1223m on smp3, 9000 on smp4, 10030 on smp5...
    These guys are ALWAYS in need of more supplies. Easy way to make money c;
  7. alright, thx
  8. Don't forget 10030 at SMP5!
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  9. ok, i bet thats yours? :D
  10. Edited previous post. But i think he'll get the point anyway c;
  11. i tryed selling you ender pearls but your chests full
  12. Well I try with shops and enchantment items but I enter into quite a lot of EMC contest that give out rupee prizes and when I win I get heaps of rupees! :D
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  14. LOL! Try selling cobblestone and some logs I'll bet you'll be a millionaire in no time. Those chests are always empty and they pay a pretty good price.