Earn up to 200r/day | Short Surveys

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  1. Hello!

    Click here for the current survey (May 19, 2015).

    I want to know a little more about the community, so I'll be posting some very short survey forms that should take less than a minute to complete. Once you complete it, I'll send you some rupees, anywhere from 50r-200r, depending on the length of the survey. The exact amount will be on the form. You may even get a bit more if you put in some really extra effort!

    Thanks for your help!

    One submission per person. Trying to evade this rule is scam and is against EMC rules. There may not be a new survey every day, but don't resubmit a form. It will be ignored.
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  2. Submitted an entry. Honestly, I haven't even attempted parkour since I started working on a failed custom map a couple months ago.
  3. oooh free rupees
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  4. time is not free, i can assure that even if it is 5 seconds
  5. Although I filled out everything, I can't submit it. :(
  6. Why not? If you answered all of the questions you should be able to submit.

    Edit: Woah, I did not expect 20 responses so far!
  7. Twice. :p

    Oh, and if anyone knows how to delete individual responses from a form, please tell me! I won't be deleting honest responses, but I submitted to test it, and someone submitted twice, and that messes up the results.
  8. I submitted :p
  9. I haven't had time to make a new form out recently, but I've added a new one for today. Link's in the OP. I also changed some info because I got 31 responses last time, and that was a lot more than I expected to get.
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