[Earn money] Help me find some wall art

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  1. So, there's this show that I watch that I really like, and in that show, there is a mural that looks like this:

    (Here's a sketch version of the same thing)

    As you can see, this is pretty fancy (thanks, I thought it was fancy too :p), and I would love to buy a canvas print of this for my wall. I remember I looked on redbubble a while ago and found what I was looking for, but I haven't been able to find it since.

    Yeah yeah, who cares? You're here for the money!

    What I want someone to do is to find me a link where I can buy this mural in the form of a canvas print. The link doesn't have to be from redbubble, but that's probably where you will have the most success. Requirements are as follows:
    • Must be one of the two images above (order of the four characters doesn't matter)
    • Must be a canvas print
    • Must be on a black background
    • The quality can't be awful (see examples below)
    • Price does not matter
    Send me a link that fits all of the criteria above and you will earn 50k! Some similar things that I've found already but haven't been quite right (for reference)

    Good luck, and hopefully one of you can find me a new piece of wall art. :)

    [EDIT] Somehow forgot to mention this bit, you'll probably want to search either "Steven universe diamond mural", "Steven universe diamonds", or "Steven universe diamond authority" to find the picture.
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  3. Messaged you on discord. :)
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  4. Thanks for reminding me to tell people what to search for :p
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  6. As it does not appear that you are specifically concerned with the dimensions of the canvas print, I don't understand why you don't simply go to one of the numerous canvas print options and simply purchase a custom canvas design for one of the optional sizes that you would prefer and simply submit the picture of your choosing.

    Here is a google search link for such with many available options.

    Above you said the second print would be great but wanted a black background, simply load into Gimp and spend some time to change the white background to black. In the long run, I think this could prove a much easier way to acquire hard to find stuff you really want. Hope this helps, either way I bid you good luck in your endeavor.

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  7. It's not a 1-click solution like the redbubble links, but i have previously used a canvas printing shop that will print pretty good quality at custom sizes.

    Site: https://www.canvaspop.com/get-started
    Size: 8" x 18"
    Frame: 0.75" deep (or whichever you choose)
    Edge: Black (or whichever you choose)
    Filters: None
    Graphic: You'll need to save the full-size version of this, and then upload it to the site.

    If you do end up going this route, i don't want any rupees but would like to know how it turns out.
  8. Thank you. I'll take another look at this tomorrow, but this looks very promising. :)
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  10. You know that any print shop can make an image into a poster? It might cost more than buying it online, but it’ll be the size, color, and detail you’re wanting. Call around and see what’s available.
  11. Thank you, this was the method I ended up using. I'll pay you tomorrow (even though you told me not to :p) and will post here with pictures in 1-2 weeks when the print arrives. :)
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  12. Thank you for the rupees, you really didn't need to do that. But i appreciate it nonetheless. Please let us know how it looks when you get it!
  13. Just gonna day I like the one with the black background.
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  14. Virtual proof came in, which means they've finished processing the design and they will start making it within the next day or so! :)
  15. The print is being shipped, so it should arrive within the next week :)
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  16. The print just arrived and I love it <3