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  1. I know that we have a utopia, a land of constant daylight and happiness. However, I think it would be cool to have a dystopia. A land where it is always night and monsters spawn in masses. You could plan raids with friends to see how far you could get away from spwan. You could go in and get massive amounts of xp in just minutes, hacking away at the massive hordes, then either run back to spawn with your xp and loot, or lose it all to a creeper explosion. You could also create secret bases, protected by the very monsters which also seek your distruction. I just think it would be fun, and a challenge.

    As to setting it up, the utopia server doesn't usually have that many people on. Would it be possible to partition the server to include this other world. You would have the utopia wilderness and the dystopia wilderness. But that something for only Justin to know!

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. What are yours?

    Edit: I know I spelt definitely wrong in the poll, Oops!
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  3. Why did you bump such an old thread?
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  4. Yes, but I do LOVE the idea!
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  5. I wonder why this got no attention at all, it's a great idea!
  6. because like a great idea
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  7. i don't understand why this never got attention either... i think its freaking amazing. lolol i'm so game.
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  8. This is like, heaven in a can. More like hell in a can, 'cuz all the dystopia... you get my point. This is awesome :)
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  9. There actually is/was another thread that went into deeper conversation about this. We do have plans for this, but can only do a few things at a time. :)
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  10. thats a bump from almost a YEAR... lol...
  11. wow...
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  12. Yes.
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  13. but maybe, maybe.
  14. Possibly, quite possibly
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  15. Most definitely
  16. There is a slight possibility.
  18. Lets see if you can get the most likes on this thread...
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  19. This would actually be really good. Not only is it a great idea but there are tons of supporters and the Utopian residences sometimes run out. Perhaps making a new server like this only for supporters with 120x120 residences and free vault would be good :D Of course everyone would be able to visit the town but maybe the same rules apply as Utopia, Gold and diamond supporters may claim and use it's facilities... No one else.
  20. i so bought this read back
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