Dystopia town suggestion!

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Marine4121, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Don't hate, its a suggestion i just thought of.
    With dystopia being a so called "hell" and I'm pretty sure aikar hasn't confirmed if there going to be a town but if so heres my suggestion, its going to be always night time there, residents will be 30X30 and mobs can spawn there (other than spawn). That one more step the creating hell on dystopia. I have a lot of questions about dystopia too.
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  2. Nah, that takes away the whole purpose of survival. I'd rather have a ''town'' where you can find shops selling items at high prices and where theres a constant thunderstorm. Monsters spawning everywhere, and hard to reach.

    Dystopia is for survival, not 30x30 protected plots (with or without mob spawning).
  3. I was under the impression that Dystopia town was going to be like Utopia town in that the plots are 60x60 and only for Gold and Diamond Supporters as there aren't many Utopian residences left ;)
  4. Aikar wants to make dystopia a "hell on earth" there are 10 other servers to sell items on. I'm basically saying dystopia sould be the complete opposite of utopia, People would like to have a hardcore challenge without worrying about greifers etc.

    The constant thunderstorm will have fun making laggy computer lag even more.
  5. I ran an idea by the staff about Utopia having 30x30 residences and no /v system so people are forced to use horses but they said Dystopia is not likely to have a town.
  6. If mobs would be able to spawn on residents... I would build a Wall, with a fence outside the wall, and alot of glowstone/torches on the inside. lol