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    Introducting, DynWaveSystems!

    DynWave Systems designs and constructs advanced redstone machinery. We offer pre-designed and custom devices.

    All of our devices have been designed by our amazingly talented engineers to be cheap, compact and easy to use. We can build devices ranging from ticket systems, to rail systems to roller coasters and even automagic farms!

    When you order a device, our engineers will design it to suit your needs. Once you approve the design, it will be constructed. Once construction has been finished you can pay us what is required. For large or complex orders, we may discount you. You may also be discounted for being a frequent customer and if something you request has already been designed, then the price will be dropped!

    Want us to build you something?
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  2. Typo or is "automagic" a trademark :p.
    "automagic" and other affiliated words are Trademark (™) DynWave, mba2012, JackBiggin etc.
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  4. What kind of machinery can you guys make? I don't need one, just curious.
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  5. Well, we can make a large range of things. If you PM us and ask what you want built, then we can see if we can make it. You'll have to be specific.
  6. Why not simply list all the contraptions/machines you can build and add pricing right after it :) And then add a note prices may vary when a customer asks to have it modified to his/her wishes.
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