Dying Fish

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  1. :'(
    My fish is dying. Its a King Male Betta. Its getting white spots, and even some green ones on his left side. Also, it's kind of pointing toward the surface in a weird fashion a lot. Please help! Anyone know any way I can keep him from dying? I would be so sad... Here's a picture:
    Betta Fish.jpg
  2. hmm, im no expert, but bring im' to a pet shop, like big al's in ottawa, canada (if ye live there)
  3. Ok, thanks, I don't live in canada though...
    Any shops in the US?
  4. no idea. sorry pal-i-o
  5. what about pet smart
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  6. True, I'll talk to my dad about it.
  7. I will make a funeral for your fish on EMC
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  8. i had a fish that died of whitespots just get some white spot medicane for a pet store
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  9. Welp, one thing. Do NOT poke it with a stick. G' luck mate.
  10. Unfortunatly, it appears to be ill and weak. :/
    How old is it?
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  12. It is about 2 years old.
  13. Thanks!
  14. My fish had something similar, and we didn't do anything. Fortunately, it's difficult to bond with a fish
  15. Instead of posting that each time you type, post the link in your signature so it's done for you. ;)

    But you could look into the link I posted about Ich and see if that sounds like what your fish has. I used to have aquariums and had several get it.
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  16. UPDATE: My fish is doing better! (finsup: Don't make that funeral JUST yet :)). I hope he'll make it. He's starting to lose some of the spots, when I gave him some medicine. He's moving around a lot more, and he's eating a lot more. He still is awkwardly turning his head toward the surface. Sometimes, he'll even turn COMPLETELY upside down! Anyway, thanks guys for all of the information on Betta fish, and the medicine recommendations :)! I will post a picture soon, if possible...
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  17. Hm, it might be dying. Life expectancy of a betta is two to three years. That, and it might have what Pandas said. My fish get that occasionally and start to act like how your betta is. Not really sure if you can cure it, as it is probably time for it go. :/

    EDIT: Ignore me.
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  18. so sad I would give it extra vitamin food and get a fish vet to take a look at it.