Dwite's new friend

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  1. So today Dwight was out by SMP1 spawn, and was greeted by a new friend, called Goldmember.


    Goldmember followed Dwight everywhere he went.

    He was very close to Dwight.

    Eventually Dwight got sick of Goldmember, and took him outside of the protected area...

    ...and decided to kill him :D

    ...and himself in the process.

    The (lovable) end.
  2. *Sniff sniff* Its beautifully sad,,,,
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  3. but Goldmember just wanted Dwight's love...

    oh dear how tragic ; - ;
  4. What was bigbuck wanting?
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  6. that was lovely <3
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  7. Q-Q what a tragic story, I say that this zombie deserves a memorial at smp1 wild spawn, where he was born, raised, and died
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  8. this...this is just inspiring
  9. i think dwight was the one that was killed by the zombie, then the zombie died from the sun :(
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  10. Pleasr ken Ie haz 237k Dwight. I proomees iLl giz ir bak ien 10 yaers
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  11. So, heart felt.
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  12. He was good friend but decided on a death match ....I won but caught on fire in the process... and jack push me into the water.... drowning me in the process.
  13. /ban JackBiggin PVP
  14. Nope something worse than that but it's Staff related... so disclosure information. :D
  15. He just wanted to give you a hug... and he wouldn't even have exploded!
  16. He hug me at last moment before dying causing me to catch on fire. Which was very effective.

  17. Best I could find :p
  18. TIL staff get even more banned.