Dwight's 600th Day Maze Event

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    Wednesday I turned 600 days on Emc which is awesome achievement and how much I love playing on this server. The Staff & Community on Emc are one of kind friendly to each other most of the Time. ;) I hope to be here for another 600 days or so.

    To celebrate my 600th day on Emc I will be hosting a New Maze Event on Smp9.
    Dwight's Iron Pyramid Maze

    Event Starts:
    Sept. 20th
    8pm cst
    1x Dwight head,
    1x Signed book by me,
    1x Secretly named Rose,
    1x Beacon, and
    50,000 rupees

    The only times you can obtain my head or signed book for now on is when I hold a Maze event
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  2. Congratz in turning 600 days old in EMC :3. Caught# go SlipKnot
  3. Congratulations on making it this far and i look forward to getting lost in your iron menace :p
  4. 4 AM. Time to be all like a owl in the night just to be in this event.
    Congrats being 600th day old!
  5. Free dwight head? I'm in.
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  6. Cool, congrats on 600 Dwight
  7. Menacing is nice way of putting :)
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  8. I am lucky I got a book before that :p
  9. I'm counting your outsourced book as a Dwight book. But only this time....
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  10. haha lol
  11. How long will the event last? Im hoping I can stay for the whole thing :)
  12. Congrats on your 600th day.
  13. The event starts at 8pm it will end when someone wins the maze soo maybe be hour to days..
  14. yes congrats dear friend and shall our maze make people cry
  15. Umm, whats the number of dead ends in the maze?
    Also is the maze static? I've seen someone make a really nasty maze which changed as you did it,
    Because you would step on pressure plates, opening and closing pistons... :p
  16. Your maze did make me cry but I still won it :) I hope to win this one too :D
  17. What's 8 CST in eastern time?
  18. Ok Lol

    Its an hour behind ET, So its 9PM for us when this maze starts
  19. Congrats on 600 days! May many more be yet to come. :D
  20. Lol sorry forgot... Congrats Dwight!!