during the night got killed because of server glitch

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  1. I lost 64 mellon and 24 wood a bucket and 62 bread while I was exploring the wilderness got killed because glitch allowed monsters to kill me
  2. 64 Melons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should sue!
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  3. Monsters are supposed to attack you...
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  4. a glitch allowed monsters to kill you? what kinda glitch? your not immortal in the wild ben.
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  5. I think he meant the monsters killed him because of the glitch, as in something Happened allowing him to do absolutely nothing during the glitch?
  6. I lol'd at
    You're not invincible in the wild. I wish people would read the guide.
    EMC is a legit survival french vanilla server, not a creative server.
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  7. Well I guess I should make a thread about how I lost 10k worth of picks/armor/ores due to signing in falling ino void then died from lava but I'm too lazy to that :)
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  8. I thought of that at first too, but couldnt think of any glitches that would do that.
  9. They smelled the melons. You should have thrown them down then backed slowly away.
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  10. Creepers are strictly carnivorous, they are plants themselves. So they eat little mosquitos and crane flies that fly in front of their face, and they blow up things that are the same size as themselves. They hate the smell of wood, so this is why they blew up ben.

    I, myself, am a gentlemanly dragon who can't fly because my wings are tucked into my suit, and I have the occasional cup of tea and a biscuit with my fellow father, the EnderDragon.
    Don't ask where or what mummy was :(
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  11. i thought they ate gun powder, thats why they blow up.
    you have found a secret! you win.........absolutely nothing! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
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  12. That is 100% true about the Creepers!! :D
  13. They sprinkle it on their ice cream.
  14. I once lost enchanted diamond armor to a rebuild glitch. If you want, I can compensate your loss, I have plenty of everything on your list save bread.
  15. Yes same here i can help you with some stuff such as some basic tools! :) So if you need some basic tools just tell me cause i got heaps!! And i'm also on SMP2!:D
  16. Well we all have to deal with dying and losing things. Speaking from countless experiences of incidents like these.
  17. I once lost several stacks or red stone, diamond pick or two and mine cart track due to a glitch. Was mining out a tunnel for a rail, rode back to the beginning and crashed. Logged back in and it was raining sideways, turned right side up and my head got caught in a stone block that reappeared. I thought it was hilarious.
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  18. i know that feel bro, except closer to 5k, but still...
  19. * Suppressed Laughter*
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