Dumb Ways To Die In EMC - New YT Series

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  1. Hey guys. I just made a series that's called "Dumb Ways To Die In EMC." The name is basically self-explanatory. Every so often, I post a short clip where someone dies really dumbly. Support the series by donating rupees to cover the props. If you really want to support the video then like it at youtu.be/u5OxgPVVYpw!
  2. It is a good idea, I felt that you could have made it last longer. Similar to the TV show "1000 ways to die".
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I will make future episodes longer!
  4. Bump! Episode 2 is out!

  5. I like the concept but I think they should be a little lengthier, switching videos every 30 seconds isn't the best. Also, maybe work on ideas that are a bit more creative than falling in lava xD
  6. Good idea. I will keep that in mind :)
  7. Or if you like the short videos, you could upload a bunch of them but then every 10 or so short ones make a montage of all of them for those who don't want to switch.