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  1. Hello EMC! Today I am glad to present that finally after my almost 500 days on EMC I finally reached 1,000,000 rupees! And its quite funny, I had 40k about 2 weeks ago and then I opened my shop...I have to thank all of you guys for the business to get to 1 million! :) Thankyou guys so much for the amazing business! Now in celebration of this milestone I will be completely stocking my shop as soon as I can (high school is busy). Also I will be selling a special item that is unique to me, I don't know what yet but if you have any ideas please let me know, thankyou guys so much! :D Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 4.07.25 PM.png
  2. Welcome to the club! ;)
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  3. You need more tokens only if there was a /t pay I'd give you some but 1m!!!!!!!!!! Dats a lot of promos
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  4. Why thankyou :)
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  5. *looks at rupees*. *sees 4130r*. *cries*
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  6. Nah you can do it. I went from 40k to 1m in 2 weeks :) not to brag or anything ;)
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  7. Nice :)
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  8. Now stride for 2mil. :p
  9. Congrats!
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  10. Grats, and here I am thinking 40k was a lot clearly not, I spent all of it on a ton of items in less than 2 weeks, now down to 8k...
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  11. Congratulations! I can definitely sympathise with you having to balance High School with stocking :p And as for a special/unique item, why not a potato/posionous potato renamed to be "flamingpotato's potato of fire" or something like that :3
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  12. I like the idea :) I will probably take care of this towards the weekend though, sorry to make y'all wait :p
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  13. What's your secret? Lol
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  14. This reminds me of a game I started up for some strange reason!

    My vote is for a signed potato book that gives us a potato bedtime story that we can read.
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  15. oooooh I like that one :D
    It wouldn't be a secret if I told you, would it? ;)
  16. Awesome Job!:D
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  17. Thankyou sir :)
  18. Alright the special item is up for grabs :) It is an Authentic Flamingpotato! :D Please only buy one if you are considerate. If you buy more then one you will lose permissions on my residence