drop party!!!!!

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  1. drop party soon on smp9 res 19110 at 1:30 est over 4 dc's of stuff, a beacon, and a gift (look for ghast tears) come soon:D
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  2. It says I don't have movement permission :(
  3. starting soon
  4. it started but thare is lots of things left hurry!!! /v 19110
  5. still more than 4 dc's left several diamond blocks and more
  6. so much stuff... also post screen shots of you have some :)
  7. NUUU, i over slept ._.
  8. its still going on :)
  9. if you got the renammed ghast tear give it to me for a gift
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  10. If nobody claims it, can i claim the prize cuz i had the unnamed ghast tear? XD
  11. i put 7 of them in but mabey if no one does
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    tell me when i can claim the prize if nobody else does XD
  13. Thanks, this was awesome! Longest drop party i've ever seen! Unluckily, I had to go cause of this:http://imgur.com/jw8ZQd7
    But I have got a eye of ender, one quartz and a redstone dust. Also, over 5 stacks of snow and a renamed G O L D not budder ingot. 3 Iron swords, of which one enchanted. Thanks!
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  14. So, nobody claimed that prize? X3
  15. :D nice drop party
  16. ill wait one more day if noone claims it pm me
  17. LOL did you like flip your table or what?
  18. I was there, but the only problem was. Everyone was standing in front of the dispensers, so everyone else couldn't get anything. It was me and 8 others who couldn't get anything cause people were blocking the dispensers path. :mad:
  19. well i fixed that after people would not stop