Drop Party - 10 Minutes - 3512 - Smp2

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  1. - Starts at 7:45 eastern time
    - Crapload of promos (all enchanted stuff is promos)
    - Other Valuables
    - You won't want to miss it

    Link to screenshots of stuff: http://imgur.com/a/bpjq4

    Have fun :D
  2. wow cool! thanks ^o^
  3. Thanks again for the items. Very nice of you :)
  4. Thank you NinjaBroccoli_. :) This was very nice of you. :)
  5. This was really cool! I totally missed it, I did get an emerald block out of it (wasn't really looking for stuff, just fun) and I had a good time (but short, lol!). Send a small donation your way, I love what you did here!
  6. Thanks Ninja.

    Though I must ask, how does a stamp travel completely around the world? They travel to a specific point but not a full revolution :)
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  7. Thanks Ninja, truly fun. I especially liked the absolute breakdown and analysis of the riddles me and Haro had at the end... :p
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  8. All that did was give me headaches. Hmm, either that or maybe it was my drink consumption :p
  9. Thanks ninja

    I had to goggle what the definition of crap meant
    I had to leave early but ya know
    It was pretty random