Driving Permit Test Tommorow.. Any tips?

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  1. Hi guys, tomorrow is my driving test for my permit. I've read the whole manual and took the pretest a few times on the DMV's site... I still don't feel prepared though I'm taking it @ 9pm AM CST tomorrow.. Any tips?
  2. The test is easy don't worry about it :). You seem like you've prepared for it well enough
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  3. Just be sure to read the questions and options carefully. Think about it before you answer and don't rush.
  4. I will be sure to take my time.. Hopefully :confused:

    Thanks, parents nagging me on this subject and I'm taking Drivers' ED in about 2 weeks so.. felt I should probably get the permit anyways :p
  5. Hey man, remember this every time your nervous about the test. You see idiots on the road every day right? You must think "Wow that guy is really dumb!" Well your smarter than him/her, and they passed the test. The test is designed so that almost anyone can pass it.
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  6. That's a hilarious way to see it :p
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  7. Lol never thought about it that way.. I might just study a bit more before I head to over to take a nice break on EMC
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  8. Permit test questions are a joke. Half of it is about alcohol and drugs.
  9. yeah i dont know where your from but the one here in Philadelphia is way easy, you can skip a question if you dont know it and come back to it, if thats the case answer all the ones you know for sure first and then work on the harder ones. all in all its easy most of it is signs and drug and alcohol questions
  10. 1. Don't crash.
    2. Don't yell obscenities at other road users.
    3. Don't run anyone over.
  11. 1. Text while driving
    2. Make sure not to put your seatbelt on!
    3. When the cops try to pull you over GO OVER 120 MPH!
    4. Make sure your check engine light is LIT ON!
    6. I was joking and you didn't realize I skipped five :)
  12. Is it just me, or do none of the questions have to do with actual driving? Most of then were like "if you see an old lady crossing the street in front of you, should you go forward and hit her?"
    Yes, I love it when I kill elderly ladies.
    I mean, really?
  13. What if i say to you that's most of the teenagers answer on the first test?
    *I'm totally kdding, idk if it's true or not, i vote it is tho :p*
  14. I was all hyped up to say that when I clicked this thread. Now my life is meaningless. :'(
  15. I'm sorry. I tend to destroy peoples life meanings sometimes. By accident of course.
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  16. Oh, it's ok. I've learned to deal with having my life purpose squashed like a bug.
  17. Haha, a ton of the kids at my school were running around like "OMG what'd you get on that question? It was soo hard!"
    I wasn't completely sure if they were trolling. I really hope so.
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  18. You monster! D;
  19. 1. Hit an old lady while shes crossing the street.
    2. Run all the red lights.
    3. Crash the car.
    4. Skip stop signs.
    5. Lock the windows and fart in the car.

    Follow these easy steps and you should do fine.