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  1. So lately I've been having odd dreams. In them, I'm always in places I have never been or they include people I've lost in the past still around.

    Anyone else have these?
  2. Can't say I've ever had these.

    Anything dramatic being going on in your life? Been playing Slender?
  3. I played slender hid in my closet for 10 minutes
  4. I remember that when I saw my first horror movie (shutter island) I couldn't sleep for the next week.
  5. My first horror was RESIDENT EVIL One.......... I was seven and my sister was babysitting me, I was scared S**tless
  6. My first horror movie was Ring. :p
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  7. I've never had these dreams before, but I do have dreams where I'm talking to my grandad who passed away 8 months before I was born (he thought of the hospice in my town and made it) in this white place.

    And I have dreams of things that end up happening the next day. I see the future in my dreams :D
  8. Not anything on a HUGE scale, just my usual life stress (Creepy landlord, horrible house, etc.). Not played Slender, I don't do horror unless it's like L4D or The Walking Dead, haven't messed with either of those in a while though.
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  9. I haven't played L4D2 in a few months :eek: I finished the walking dead ep. 3 yesterday. Just another month and a half to wait ep. 4.
  10. Well, I had a dream about cougars eating my dog a few days ago, then just last night a dream I had was about my cat mating with another cat to create a pig. I don't like my dreams, they're always random.
  11. I usually get weird ones like being at someone's house almost like I live there, but things are a bit different. One I had the other night I lived in my great-aunt and uncle's house with my family and my great-aunt (great-uncle passed away a few years ago.) But the house was a bit bigger and there was different furniture, it was dark out and rain pouring, friend of mine was coming to stay there with me and his parents dropped him off and as they were leaving I was outside trying to park a car, they were waiting to pull out of the driveway and were giving me the stink-eye. They sat there for a good while, finally left, and when I looked there was a school bus in the driveway.

    Another night I had this dream something was going to happen or someone or something was after my sister and I. Nobody was around really. We ended up in this big wide countryside looking area, you could see all the neighbors houses etc. We went inside this one house and were gonna take shelter there. We then decided that instead of staying there incase the owner came back and freaked out on us we would go find someplace else. We left, were gonna grab some things off the porch, I saw a security camera and we decided not to and ran. We came across some trees and a small one room cabin that I claimed to build and then I woke up.

    Another night I had one that involved the house I grew up in, it was nearly the same as the first dream. I had a small minecraft house I had built in the yard next to it, when I went up onto our back deck and opened the door, instead of my house I was looking in at my cousin Melissa's house, closed it and reopened it there was her sister Stacey's, it was like revolving inside houses or something and I've never been to their houses. I then at one point ended up sitting at some picnic tables in the curve of the highway from downtown out into the country, (still trying to figure that out as that area has a river beneath it.) My grandma was there, walked off down the road and rolled under a bus, freaking out I ran over and she was just fine.

    Another my grandma was here but kept saying she hated it and wanted to leave.
  12. And i thought this thread was going to say follow your dreams... :p
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  13. hee hee when I play slender I only stand there and turn on and off the flashlight and live for at least an hour :D
  14. Does falling in your dreams and not waking up and seeing your own funeral count as strange? Cause it has happened on multiple occasions
  15. the sponge bob square pants gave me nightmares but i was like 4
  16. My first horror movie was Zombie Land.
  17. At least your dreams make some kind of sense. My dreams are a bunch of stuff from movies, games, or anything Ive seen in the past week, you must have a great memory. FACT: Dreams are stored in the part of your brain where lost memories go, or something like that :D
  18. The creepiest dream i've ever had is that my friend was obsessed with Minecraft (he actually is in real life) and then he made a pixel art of my skin. It came to life and it replaced me, so I went to my grandma's house. I began to cry there, and she pat me on the back. I looked up and my grandad (who's been dead for 13 years) and he said
    'It's OK'.

    I got up, I hugged him, and he flew over to the other side of the room with me in his arms. He put me down by the door, and told me to look behind me. I turned around and there was a freaking winged demon standing there, and I fell backwards and it picked me up. It went to eat me and I kicked its face, and it threw me out of the window. And then it made an explosion, which threw me out of the garden. I went searching through the wreck, and found my grandma. She flew through the bricks and she said she'd been dead since she had her stroke in 2011. I screamed. And then the demon came through the shadows and chased me.

    I got as far as a shop, turned around, and it had gone. So I went home and everybody in my house was a demon, and they locked the door, and swiped my throat and began eating me.

    I woke up, at 3:00AM in the morning exactly and I was sweating, and I heard somebody telling me it was all OK, and it would be alright. I seen somebody standing on my ladder, I freaked out, and it instantly dissapeared and then I seen the demon's shadow by the door, and it dissapeared.

    I haven't hugged my teddy bear in years to try and get to sleep. I assume it was just Night Terror, but the following night I seen an orb by my door. I've seen it before, and I wanted an exorcist. My friends told me I was crazy and I needed counselling.
  19. yes, i thought this thead is about beautyful dreams or what you plan to do in the future, but horror dreams are also okay :D
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  20. My first "scary movie" was scary movie 3 or 4.
    It wasn't at all scary, it was hilarious.