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  1. Look, I made a profile picture for my brother:
    (Kinda spin-off, but still worked on it)

    IceCreamSnake.jpg <-(And this one is the .jpg)
  2. Wish I was so artistic, I am litterally the worst person at art EVER :( Nice drawing though :D
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  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone, feel free to modify, distribute or whatever
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  4. That looks really cool.
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  5. I am now so afriad of ice cream cones D:
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  6. No I'm worse.
  7. We should have a contest :p
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  8. How do people draw so well?! My best drawing ever is this

  9. Thats... amazing! It says EMC! :D
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  10. Not with this guy.
    He already wins. ;)
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  11. Atleast yours has a body, arms, feet, and legs, mine are usually stick people.
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  12. Mr. Angry Alien
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