Draw me an Octopus?

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Will you be entering?

Why yes, I think I will 9 vote(s) 52.9%
Shut up dude, Learn how to octopus. 8 vote(s) 47.1%
  1. The pretty fancy 'Draw me an Octopus'.... Event! woo...

    So since the title is totally not descriptive in the slightest, I must explain what this whole tread will be based around.

    Short Introduction
    I'm hosting an event through the forums :3 Anyone and anything is about to enter.
    Basically I'd love a picture of an octopus.. or at least something along the lines of an octopus... The drawing MUST be hand drawn (Or painted) Unless you have super special skills on Paint. It can be any type of drawing, anime, cartoon, realistic, sketch, black and white. Anything goes here.

    How long do we have to draw you an octopus?

    So anyone who enters will have up to the New Year to enter. so December the 31st Midnight BST.
    That gives you all a little over two months. I do realise that art cannot be rushed so if a time extention is needed please inform me in the comments.

    How do I enter this competition?
    Anyone who would like to enter this competion must Draw me an octopus of sorts and then continue to Email it to me if you wish to keep it private or you may paste it in the comments below with a name in the corner of the page if possible to prevent anyone from 'stealing a drawing'. If you wish to Email me your drawing you may do so via [Mattlemons@hotmail.co.uk] Please inbox me once you have done so to prevent me losing track of the email and of course for comfirmation that it has been recieved.

    Why would I want to spend my time drawing for you?
    Well of course theres going to be prizes, why else woud anyone draw me an octopus.
    The prizes go as follows

    1st) 50k
    2nd) 35k
    3rd) 20k

    At this moment in time it isnt much and of course there will be more added, please suggest differnt items (within reason) that can be added to this prize list. Everyone who enters will also reciece a small souvenir :3

    Further Questions? Anything I missed?
    If you notice anything I may have missed from the information above please don't hesitate to inform me of the missing or incorrect information :3


  2. I know, I know: I set the bar pretty high with this one. ;)

  3. I'll have a go at this soon :)
    Are there any preferences on colour, style, background, etc?
  4. Wonderful :3 And not at all, you can draw it how you wish :)
  5. ...0...

    Done and done!
  6. Will be doing this very soon! Starting now actually! Expect a picture of a horrific octopus soon!
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  7. Here's mine done with a sharpie on a sticky note. Picture taken with my cell phones potato camera :p I forgot to sign my name lol so I added it after the fact.

    Also, how many pictures can we enter?
    This was fun! thanks for hosting this ^_^

    Edit: My first time drawing an octopus lol sorry it's probably not what you're looking for. But it was fun nonetheless!
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  8. I'm glad you enjoyed it :3 And you may enter as many as you wish, you'll just have to let me which one you think is the best so I can enter it into the final draw :3
  9. My Horrific Drawing (It was on my laptop, mind you):

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  10. can it be a stick octopus? (like a stick-figure but of an octopus? :p)
  11. I guess it could be if you wanted?

    Also lets bump it up :3 I want to see people drawing me a fone looking Octopus c:
  12. Paint

    This doesn't look as good as it did in my brain.

  13. Its ok... Its all ok...
  14. Bump :3 Don't forget to inbox me if you think I should add more prizes!!!
  15. I guess this is what happens when you have insomnia. Whee.

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  16. Oooh! I actually just drew this in Chinese class!
    [A lot photo here once it's on imgur]
  17. Might do this
  18. Lol, someone should so draw a picture of octodad and submit it xD
  19. Bump! :) Looking forward to seeing these entries!