Drama In Thread's Where There Should Be None!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    There have been so many threads that have been shut down and I think it is time that we talk about it...

    If there is someone that posts a Thread that is something about them, or a subject, or even if it is a Suggestion, then you have a Choice. You can either Post something that is Nice and Supports the Idea, or you can give your opinions while being Nice, But there is no need to go ahead and start drama in a Thread where the owner does Not Need or Want it!

    Here Are some Pics you can Attach to your Threads if you do not want Any Drama on Your Thread....

    This does not just Apply to the Forums and on EMC, but also outside of EMC.

    Its Time that we let people know that they can not say what ever they want even if the person they are saying it to, does not want it.

    This thread Can and Does Relate to the Thread by Deathconn that can be found here.

    So, Now its you chance to help spread the Word, and help Stop the Drama and Debates on Threads that others don't want!!

    Feel Free to Share your Thoughts, but please no Drama or Debates.

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  2. **Reserved for Future**
  3. If everyone was kind, everyone would be blind.
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  4. They hate us cause they ain't us
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  5. I agree 100% with this post...almost.

    All debates aren't negative and out of hand, however, in this community it may appear that way. Debates are meant to share information from opposing sides so that others can have a better understanding.

    Even though some players can be 'not so nice' when explaining something, I think a lot of people just take things the wrong way, which is why I made the thread you so kindly linked to the main post. Technology doesn't make things easy when it come to determining someone's tone towards a subject. My thread helps players adjust their writing tone and helps the interpreter differentiate what posts are kind and what can be or can seem to be mean.

    In my opinion, debates are fine ONLY if someone doesn't go overboard.
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  6. I like it another Awesome thread Finch :D
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  7. haha The interview reference :D
  8. I agree with your intentions, but debates are a form of discussion with the goal of persuasion. An explicit debate is meant to be won. A discussion is meant to be informational. :p
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  9. While I do hope this would be a thing, I'm afraid everybody has different perspectives on a subject, which will eventually (in some cases) lead to an argument. Do I support this? Yes. Do I think it's possible? Probably not
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  10. You're right, even though you just stated debates are a form of discussion ;)

    I'm just being a wise guy, I understand fully :)
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  11. Lol sometimes I have to give people a piece of my mind even if its not entirely nice. If someone is saying something obviously ridiculous, I feel more than obligated to make that person feel ridiculous for saying that. Be nice? Not always a good option in some cases.
  12. This thread offends me and I believe it should be taken down.

    Just kidding.

    Good Job again Finch. I agree with the above when it says debate, as in Erektus' presidential race thread, there is meant to be a discussion, and some will have their ideas trampled on, but that is the point of politics these days. Stomp on everyone else's ideas to make your seem better.
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  13. I agree, sort of. If all that anyone posted was positive things, there would literally be no point. The whole point of posting suggestions is to get community feedback and ultimately a staff-explained fate. If all the feedback ever was positive, what's the point of having it? Everyone can't be totally positive, and I am a avid supporter of well thought out and articulated debates. If the only purpose of replying to a thread is to praise the OP and nothing else, like I said.. Why?

    To be clear, I do fully agree that you should be kind with what you say and be careful with the words you pick, but the right to openly debate and discuss both positively and negatively (with explained opinions and ample reasoning, of course) is something that is nearly exclusive to EMC and we should continue to embrace that. Other servers cannot have open discussion in a peaceful manner because the player base is very aggressive and the staff don't moderate it well. Here on the Empire, we are fortunate to have staff that care about the server and a player base that at least I think has a -much- better attitude than elsewhere.
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  14. To be clear, it's not just suggestions. it is based on any topic on emc and real life.
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  15. I get that, I suppose I focused on the suggestions forum a tad much in my post because that's where a lot of drama has been lately, but what I said can mostly apply to all parts of the forum.
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