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are you on dragoncave?

yes 19 vote(s) 59.4%
no 10 vote(s) 31.3%
im gonna 1 vote(s) 3.1%
i was 0 vote(s) 0.0%
im gonna click all yer eggs, cus this response has nothin to do with the question 2 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. i'm now on a site called dragoncave.net but i m not geting enough clicks, any ideas?
  2. im not on it :p
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  3. There is already a thread with eggs in signatures that everyone is using to get views/clicks.

    If you post in that one, you should get enough to help your dragons grow. Also, look through this thread, because I and others have posted 2 links to help your dragons grow, a wikia for info on dragons and the daycare to get additional views/clicks.

    Welcome to the world of dragons! :D
  4. ya welcome! my eggs are in the same situation (click them)
  5. thx, ima goin to the EKKA some time soon
  6. im still not getting gnough clicks...
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  8. Click them!!!!
  9. how do i put them in? i cant seem to figure it out
  10. ive figured out how to put them in ER, but dow do i put my baby dragons in the nursery?
  11. You would select ND Daycare. When you type in your scroll name, your eggs and hatchlings will come up. If any of them are 4 hours or less, there will be an option to place them in the ER. So you just click the place you want your dragons to go. I don't have any that need ER, but it would still look the same as the picture, except it would show another column with ER. Dragons.PNG
  12. I put my eggs in TWO daycares. Not one, not three, but TWO.

  13. i hatched my musty guys! :)
  14. @Qwerty...No need to get snippy! You asked how to put your dragons in the nursery...and I replied.:confused:
  15. Sorry, that was not my intention at all. Did the caps do it?
  16. I already got beat to it, but post your dragons here... I tend to wait about 24 after catching them to reduce the risks of egg sickness..
  17. No worries then. :p
  18. I didn't ask, cube did.
  19. Oops, my apologies.:oops: