Dragon Tombs Release Date

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  1. After many months of hard work, the Dragon Tombs have now been completed and the staff have decided on a release date.

    We decided the 5th of April will be the day when the Dragon Tombs are released.

    And guess what?
    The Dragon Tombs are still the GTA 5 of EMC. Because i'm not Aikar.

    And this is an April Fools.
  2. This is also possibly the worst April Fools on EMC...But I tried.
  3. It's fine, you tried.
  4. Indeed. On both counts.
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  6. Not bad
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  7. April 5th, of next year
  8. first!
    I thought that it was a real post and that I was first :(
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  9. wut...
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  10. why should be believe YOU? or ANYONE on this day.
  11. not bad at all though
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  12. Or maybe the fifth of the year, next april...
    See, soul, we fail together!

    *group hug* XD
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  13. Yep, we all totally believe that...
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  14. Funny thing is. I see this after SoulPunisher changes his profile picture off of Aikar's...

  15. Cmon man, dont rush the epicness

    Stuff takes time, man

    I mean, try running for 30 minutes without taking any time to run? XD

    Im like 100% sure that some guys gonna be literal and post a video of them taking off their watch and not taking "their time" with them as they run XD
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  16. And i was trying to rush it at all?

    (i was sort of saying the opposite)
  17. my revenge backfierd
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  18. I actually believed you... And this post ruined that.
  19. Lul, sry, it sounded like u were saying "we all expect it to take longer than that, and we want u to go faster" XD

    sry for the misunderstanding :(

    friends? XD
  20. "It actually might take that long if Mojang keeps throwing crap at me" - Aikar