Dragon tomb update

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  1. Do we know yet how we will be able to find them will it be random or will there be something like a eye of ender that will lead you there?
  2. You will have to find them yourself. Eye of ender will only go towards an end portal, unless Aikar changed this, but that will make it too easy
  3. I asked Aikar about this in the original discussion thread. I believe that he replied, saying that he would consider it, basically. Not sure if he's come to a decision or not (or how it would work), but he might want to keep some of these details hush-hush so that people can't get ready for it before it's even released. :)
  4. There will not be any item to help you find them.

    They are intended to be randomly stumbled upon while mining/cave exploring (We will have efforts in place to hide them from xray)

    The idea is, you find one while mining, you waypoint it then run back to town to get as much help as you can, then everyone goes and kills it.
  5. I think you said make a thread called: 'Dragon Tombs - You're Ideas And Questions' just to get the communities view
  6. You mean like the 300+ questions already asked/answered in the dragon tomb thread? lol.

    We don't need repeated questions -- and you have to wait until dragon tombs is out to be able to give feedback to improve it...
  7. Are you new here, Aikar?
  8. i find it funny, but im glad that it wont be easy to find them. it keeps the value. the funny part is: on my very first SP world, no matter how i looked, i never found diamonds. nor did i ever go to the nether or find the end. but i loved it. i miss the days when i was a noob :p
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  9. thank you for the anwers :p
  10. How rare will the dragon tombs be? On a scale of 1-10 , I is very very rare.
  11. That has not been balanced yet, its pretty much the last thing to worry about.
  12. What if I find one in like my wild base? Or do they only spawn in unloaded chunks?
  13. Unloaded chunk I think, and there might be a wild reset in 1.5 I'm not sure.
  14. They can spawn in anywhere. The server can generate blocks you know.
  15. There wont be a wild reset for 1.5 theres nothing that adds to the map...
  16. They will be in already generated chunks. It's pretty easy to check for air first before generating one... :p And the spawn conditions will VERY UNLIKELY ever generate one in the middle of someones land, and if it did... I think you would be happy about that.
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  17. Minecraft modding has improved alot lately as you know aswell, and alot of "pro" coded clients has a option to customize x-ray. That means once a player tells another player which kind of blocks there is around the tomb they will just add it to there x-ray and find it that way.

    Both ways will probly be time consumming tho :)

    Only way to stop xray is Orebfuscator which drains the CPU, and as far as Iknow there hasnt been anyway to bypass the plugin. :)
  18. The moderators get loads of alerts on they're side about and hacks used by any players giving them a perma ban before they know it
  19. Aikar is working on an update where it will be like Impossible to use x-ray, Or was it about modifying No-Lag... I forgot, Maybe it's both.
  20. I believe EMC/Spigot will have something similar to this (might be on already) built into it - but better.

    (bottom of http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/spigot-1-4-6-r0-3-x.359/)

    At least one xray mod automatically disables itself when you connect to an EMC server.
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