Dragon Soul's Builds

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  1. Hello!
    And welcome to Dragon Soul's builds. This is where you pay me to build random, epic looking stuff for you if you don't know how to build it yourself! :D

    If you would like to see some things I have built, go to my residence on smp3 (res 7426!) and check out Endermart. Endermart is the building i'm most proud of so far.

    So here are the prices:

    • Small Builds (quarter of a residence): 1,500r
    • Medium Builds (half a residence): 2,900r
    • Large Builds (all of a 60x60 plot): 4,000r
    • SUPER Large builds (quarter of a utopian residence): 3,500r
    • EXTRA SUPER DUPER Large builds (half of a utopian residence): 4,700r
    • EXTRA SUPER DUPER SHMUPER Large builds (ALL of a utopian residence): 9k
    Compared to other building services, these prices are some of the cheapest.
    I do not do redstone - Yet.
    I work on 1 build at once, and will stop accepting build requests after 4 people are in the waiting list. Payments MUST be made after the build is finished.
    How to order:
    Send me a picture, video, or a brief description of what you would like me to build (as much detail as possible please!), and you will be accepted into the waiting list.

    I should also mention - You supply the materials yourself.
    • Waiting list: Jrlizard (Build in progress)
    • Daffy22
    • 333kirby
    • BeKaLusa
    Message me if I forgot your name.
  2. Umm.. there's almost nothing on 7426...
  3. Because I live in the wild, maybe? I don't pay much attention to my res, but i'm building Endermart at the moment, which is the only reason why i'm in town.
  4. Yeah... but in the text it says " Endermart is the building I'm most proud of" and there's just some trees and one little house there. So I can't check out the endermart because there is no endermart:)
  5. Yes, there is an Endermart...At the back of the res...
  6. I'm interested in a garden sort of thing for my shop. I need some teleporters setting up to each floor and some nice greenery around the whole res. I also will need an area near the back to grow and harvest trees.

    Let me know what you think.
  7. I'll see what I can do :)
  8. I want to know how much it would cost to get a 25 block tall stone brick wall around my res, and then a 60x60 stone sheet across the top of that, so basically I'd have another section of my res, but with a stone brick floor. On this stone brick floor, I want a full-res Yggdrasil (to build cap) like Maxarias has on one of her res's, except I'm gonna make an adventure in mine, kind of like Aniyuma.
  9. 4,000r
  10. Seriously? Awesome. I pay for materials though, coorect?
  11. Yes. I only have 12k rupees so I can't supply the materials myself.
  12. good business. if you ever need a partner remember that *cough cough* someone *cough cough* is available
  13. In reply to grey text:
    If you could supply materials, with no rupee pay, that would be great.
  14. Is this the Ender mart?
  15. What?
  16. Bit off topic, but is there any chance I could join you living in wild :)
  17. does my 50k help any? :3 would mean that i would be limited to a certain amount of things. but otherwise i can.
  18. If your ever looking for helpers I'd love to help you. My current project is at 1385 (not finished)
  19. *looks at above post* -.-