Dragon Signatures

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  1. Someone take my speckled one PLZ i found a striped one
  2. My holly just hatched :D
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  3. In DIRE need of a holly!
  4. I wanted a dinosaur egg, but instead, I got a paper dragon.
  5. Anyone knows if all yulebucks and winter magis are male and all the ribbon dancers and snow angels are female?
  6. Don't know. Almost every dragon I get is a male, I only have like 3 or 4 females.
  7. how would i obtain an egg?
  8. Go to dragcave.net and register, then go to the biomes (forest, desert, mountain, etc.) or go to the abandoned page :)
  9. thanks
  10. I've been looking for a dinosaur egg for a long time. If anyone can obtain one, I will trade my paper egg for it.
  11. The new eggs are offically here!
  12. New eggs?
  13. 2012 Christmas ones.
  14. Does the maintenance have anything to do with it? The site is down right now.
  15. The cave appears to be down, and Netflix is too. I can't catch any new eggs OR watch some Doctor Who. Let's hope this gets better...
  16. Oh come off it... It's Christmas! (In 38 minutes here in california)

    Edit: as I posted it, it turned to 37 minutes.

    Edit 2: GOD! Stop changing when I post

    Edit 3: I quit
  17. Check it out!
  18. This is stupid! DragCave spammed the cave with the new dragons! I want to see something besides those and I have only seen 10 minutes of them!
  19. It'll be like this for 3 days :(