dragon boss portal

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  1. I was just wondering, has anyone found one yet?
  2. They haven't been added yet. And they're "Dragon Tomb Portals".
  3. ......there not released yet

    Dangit! Knew I was gonna be ninja'ed
  4. They aren't out yet, if you mean the Dragon Tombs. But, the End has been found on all servers. You can't beat the Enderdragon anymore.
  5. ... when will they be out? i was reading a post from a while ago, and it said soon...
  6. it takes a long time, You try coding something as awesome, And also Aikar has to also work.
  7. EMC doesn't know the meaning of soon. :p

    They'll be out when they're ready.
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  8. Wilderness teleport will be available soon too.
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  9. EMC runs on Valve time. Because of this, the update could be out in a few weeks or never.
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  10. It doesn't seem to be their top priority though, if nobody's talking about the right after an update and when there's a new world for shop, and 2 new portals in spawn, It seems kinda obvious :p
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  11. It may not be top priority, but I'd rather they get all the bugs and lag out before dropping the portal on us just to have us all crash out and lose or whatever. Sure we might not have needed a new /shop as some people have complained, but if they didn't make changes it would all be boring. They're adding the new Wastelands and Wastelands nether for all the people who are too lazy to make trips out to gather stuff and so those who live in the wild don't lose what they've worked hard on. They're trying to please everyone and not lose members or cause drama.
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  12. Well, you have to give credit where it is due. The 1.5 update came out much faster that previous major updates, and they snuck in a hardware update in the process.
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