Doubt about Town mobs capaccity and...iron farms

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  1. Good Morning/afternoon/night/space day whatever

    I'm posting this because i have a little doubt. As you can se i'm practically new but still have something to ask that i haven't found on the wiki.

    It is posible to build myself an iron farm in my town residence? (In the sky or even underground) cuz as i could see it is posible to spawn friendly mobs there, but what about concentrations of vilagers and generation of golems? It would cause some spike of lag? and if it is posible to do, how big could it be?

    I would be glad to know if i can do it or if i can do it with a limit of entities. I don't want to cause any lag problems so i write it here in this topic.

    Thanks in advance! Have a good Day/afternoon/Ni...

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  2. Unfortunately building an iron farm in town is impossible. Because iron golems can be made aggressive they are not considered friendly mobs and do not spawn in town. However you can build one in the frontier/wild :)
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  3. Just some tips if you decide to build it in the frontier/wild.

    Travel some distance out from spawn, use nether as a short cut and look at the live map for an undiscovered area, this i will be blacked out and fresh un-mined area.

    The limit of mobs in town is 100 per res / in the wild its 250 per loaded chunk sky to bedrock so I would recommend building it over the ocean away from land as there are less caves to light up.
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  4. +1 I have nothing to add